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Broad Spectrum Appeal

Being confident while coaching your clients is the only way you’re going to guide them through their transformation and create a trusting relationship. Clear communication is key, and often that shines through in great storytelling to your clients. Tune into this video to discover how you can amp up your coaching by amping up your …

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Your WILDFIT Story

Today’s video is all about YOU! Have you ever thought about how you would answer the question, “What do you do?” once you become a Certified WILDFIT Coach? Eric’s going to prompt you to take a deeper dive into this question and the importance of pinpointing your why. From your pain points to your transformation, …

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Self Care and Energy Management

Today we’re joined by WILDFIT expert Andrea Reindl as she talks to you about energy management so you can learn how to keep your energy high as a Coach and also make sure your clients have the world-class experience they deserve. Tune in to hear some of Andrea’s tried and true methods for ensuring your …

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