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The more you know about navigating and implementing the WILDFIT processes, the more you’ll watch your business expand. There has never been a better time to invest in what you’re bringing to the table, because that’s what’s going to make you stand out.

From reviewing your website to preparing for a tradeshow, elevate and implement your knowledge in ways that will bring your impact with WILDFIT to the next level.

Meet Your Mentors

Christine Brewer

Christine was born with entrepreneurship in her blood. From a young age, Christine was fascinated with creative ways to make money. After a “failed birthday party” in her mind, where she didn’t get the gifts she wanted, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Creating birthday baskets with gifts that she believed kids her age (“8 years old”) would actually want, a sales PowerPoint and other printed material – she set out on her first entrepreneurial venture. Ever since then, her nickname has been “Rainmaker.” It stuck so much that a fortune 500 company actually made her official title Chief Rainmaker. She has worked with companies of all sizes in the revenue and operational efficiency department. Her claim to fame is spending 1M daily on Facebook ads and netting over a 200% return in ad spend for a seven-day period of time.

Columbia Business School educated Christine has successfully exited over 16 companies and has ownership in 26 and counting businesses. WILDFIT is her passion because it is one of the only businesses that she is involved with on a daily basis that ACTUALLY helps people. Christine’s passion is helping people find financial freedom and overcoming their money mindset blocks.

Book a power hour today with Christine to work on revenue planning for your business, money mindset, and advertising.

Jackie Dumaine

Blending her passion for entrepreneurship with her commitment to personal growth, Jackie is passionate about helping coaches see bigger possibilities for their life and business while giving them the tools and support to make it happen. She leaped into the world of marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship 31 years ago and never looked back.

Her professional experience includes a diverse range of categories such as: sales + business development, advertising, revenue + retention, public relations/communications, broadcast media, strategic partnerships/collaborations, online business strategy, import/export logistics, hosting trade shows, creating and facilitating workshops/retreats, leadership development, building signature programs/webinars/masterclasses, copywriting/brand messaging, life/business/mindset coaching, speaker and story coaching.

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