Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: Hungary
Languages I Speak: English, Hungarian, Spanish; Castilian

About Viktoria

Hi, I am Viki and you are at the best place for an incredible transformation.

It might sound strange, but we should love more our struggles, because they give us the opportunity to grow and to change. And that is what happened to me.

Past forty I started to struggle with some extra kilos and with minor health issues. We commonly blame aging, but I could not accept the discomfort, so I declared war. I was dieting, fasting, took supplements, did exercise, and also did therapy to get rid of my emotional eating. I cannot say that nothing worked, but nothing lasted.

I used to be slim, but my nutrition was awful. I was heavily addicted to sugar, and most of the food that I put in my mouth used to feed my emotions instead of my body. Even knowing all that, I could not see the way out.

I started the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge on my 48th birthday and was reborn through the process. During those 3 months, little by little, I gained back the control over my weight, over my nutrition, and over my health. Thanks to that, now I feel better than I EVER have in my life.

Whatever your goals are for the future, health and wellbeing are the best allies to achieve them.

As a certified WILDFIT Coach it is an honour and privilege to be part of my clients’ transformation.

I am ready, the question is: are YOU?


Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: May 3, 2021

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Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

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