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I am a science teacher and passionate health nut. I am devoted to transforming the lives of families by teaching parents how to feed and fuel their bodies for optimal health and wellness so they can be examples for their children and other family members. At a young age I had many health issues such as chronic coughing, constipation, and migraines. I tried many doctors and unconventional methods to treat my illnesses.  However, I was still constantly sick throughout my childhood. As an adult I thought I was very fit and healthy. I ate all the right foods. I cut out carbs and ate raw foods but then I was lacking certain vitamins that made me unhappy. I ran marathons and half marathons to be fit. But my body was still not performing optimally. I took twice as long to heal from injuries. I took up yoga, weightlifting such as Crossfit, spinning, and running but nothing seemed to make me feel healthier. My hormone balances were so destroyed that I went through menopause at 45 years old. I researched countless diets (I did almost every diet on the planet now) and health and fitness programs. I counted calories, weighed my foods, entered data of macros and bought products that I could not afford, but then two months later, I would start binge eating and go back to my old habits.  I was never taught how to deal with my relationship with food. As a biology and chemistry teacher, I thought I understood all there is to know about healthy eating. However, I was never taught what was good nutrition and there is so many confusing information out in the world now that I felt like  I was on a hamster wheel of inconsistencies. WILDFIT gave me the knowledge about nutrition that armed me against all the confusing information about foods. Now I help people find their relationship with food and start to develop new habits by re-wiring the brain to want healthy foods. Your will power is limited, but your habits can be life lasting. Join me in a journey of lasting change and optimal health. 

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Class 1: August 8, 2022
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Your will power is limited, but your habits can be life lasting.

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