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If you’ve arrived at Midlife overweight and exhausted, keeping all the plates of your life spinning then read on… 
If you’re giving all your energy to your work, to running your home, to your teenagers, only to find you have nothing left in the tank for you and your interests, then read on…
If like me you’ve tried all the ‘Diets’ out there and any weight loss you achieved just boomeranged back, then read on…
Hi I’m Susan,

Turning 50 makes you think.   Did I want to spend the next half of my life exhausted and overweight?  Crashing on the sofa every evening, tired after juggling work and family life?  No of course not.
After many years of being overweight, it was suddenly glaring obvious to me that I’d been ignoring my health for too long.  

I’d gained a lot of weight after a couple of miscarriages in my early 30s and whilst my weight had yoyo’ed a lot since then, the reality was I hadn’t managed to get rid of that weight in over 15 years!     
I realised that what I wanted was to have the energy to focus at work.  To enjoy quality time with my husband and teenagers.  And still have some energy left over for me and my interests.  
And to do that I would need to sort my energy levels out and change my relationship with food.
And I changed.  Yes I mean it.  With the help of WILDFIT and my coach I changed for good.   
My cravings disappeared.  My energy soared.  My waistline shrunk.   
I lost 21 pounds in my 90 day WILDFIT programme and 5 inches around my waist.   My husband lost the same amount.  And his ‘middle aged’ spread disappeared.  

I’ve now lost 65 pounds and I have about a 21 pounds to go.   And it’s only a question of time.
And more importantly I feel feel fantastic – full of beans – easily spinning all of life’s plates. 
After such an amazing transformation in my health and my relationship to food, becoming a WILDFIT Coach was a no-brainer for me.

I knew that I wanted to help women like me.  Women like you.  Women who’ve been juggling so much in life over the past many years that we’ve ignored our own health.   Women who realise that ‘now‘ is the time.   It’s now their time to finally sort out their health.  

So if you’re ready to prioritise your health and start living life to the full – email me at for a discovery call to find out how I can help you regain your ENERGY, VITALITY & WAISTLINE, for all of life’s adventures!

Susan x

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