Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: United Kingdom
Languages I Speak: English, French, Welsh
United Kingdom

About Sue

I’m a fun loving, personable coach known for my practical, “can do” approach. I help my clients figure out how to navigate WILDFIT  in a way that works for them, without needing to be a purist!

Have you ever been on a diet and quickly put all the weight you lost back on again, plus more? Did this leave you feeling hopeless and despondent afterwards? That was me. My weight used to go out of control every holiday or big celebration, then I’d have to crash diet to try and lose it.

Sticking to a diet seemed impossible. It left me feeling like a failure – I was good at most things, but losing weight was the one thing I couldn’t do and I didn’t understand it.

I felt ashamed of my body – in some way less worthy. People definitely didn’t understand – why wasn’t I trying harder? It affected the way I put myself out into the world – holding me back when it came to meeting men, and with my career. I felt like the best men and the best jobs were for people who had control over their weight.

In my late 30s came the stiff joints. I had no idea that it might have been caused by the food I was eating. I had puffy fingers, and got upset when my wedding rings wouldn’t fit. In holiday snaps, my face always looked puffy and swollen but I couldn’t work out why.

And the tiredness! Imagine being so tired that you can’t even put your kids to bed when they really need you. That was me – not just tiredness, but combined with a desperate hunger. I now know this was erratic blood sugars. I’d turn to cheese and crackers with wine pretty much every night, knowing it wasn’t helping me, but not able to stop myself.

Do you have joint pain, stiffness or fatigue that stops you doing the things you love?

When I discovered WILDFIT, I realised that it wasn’t only me who felt this way. I learned that our failure is designed to keep the diet industry thriving! Plus with the incredibly powerful food marketing we are subject to, those who are prone to weight gain and don’t have strong willpower just don’t stand a chance.

Within a few short weeks I overcame the low blood sugar tiredness and cravings. I started enjoying foods I never could have imagined enjoying before. It transformed my life completely.

I’m now the lightest I’ve been since my 20s, have loads of energy, and have overcome that joint pain & stiffness. My face has completely changed, I feel I look more like the true me now, and I get lovely compliments all the time! I’m now maintaining effortlessly at 50 pounds below my heaviest.

After yo-yo dieting for over 30 years I feel so blessed to have found a lifestyle that allows me to truly enjoy food and drink AND stay in control of my weight, and my health. Wildfit has given me freedom that I never believed possible!

Most importantly, I have control over my food choices and am no longer driven by compulsive eating. I’d love to help you to do the same.

My clients tend mainly to be professional women in their 40s to 60s, but often I have coached partners – even entire families. My groups are sometimes mixed, and sometimes female only.


A few snippets from client testimonials:

“Sue’s coaching was the glue that held it all together – it wouldn’t have been possible without her. She is a fountain of knowledge, with a tremendous amount of patience and kindness balanced with a pragmatic approach to whatever problem presents itself.”

“Sue was absolutely pivotal to the whole programme. I felt she would handle anything thrown at her. She went over and above and even coached me on time management and my love life as well, which I have been hugely grateful for.” 

“I would not have been able to do this without Sue’s support and knowledge. It felt a very safe environment in which to explore change”


Please see my website, FaceBook page and Google My Business for testimonials. 

Get in touch by email or book a slot in my calendar and let’s have a chat.


6 Fun Facts About Me:

* Have a passion for motorcycles and once rode a Harley Davidson on Route 66

* Live in Wales, UK also known as the “Land Of Song” and speak some Welsh

* True to my Welsh roots I teach people to sing in harmony! I’m a Natural Voice Singing leader, 

* Ran a massed choir of 800 singers and World In Harmony global online choir 

* Passionate about travel, my second home is the beautiful Greek Island of Kefalonia

* Partnering on a community project in Uganda to help overcome malnutrition and get kids into school

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: January 29, 2024
Class 2: March 25, 2024
Contact me for group or individual coaching. Whether you're new to WILDFIT or a graduate - I'm here to help you make it doable.

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. - Thomas Carlyle

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