RitaBirdi (BSc, EMBA)

Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: Canada
Languages I Speak: English, French, Panjabi; Punjabi

About Rita

Hi! My name is Rita Birdi and just like you, I am many things – A mom, a wife, part of a sandwich generation – taking care of 2 elderly parents, a corporate employee…wearing many hats on this one body!  I believe that we have 2 environments:  Our external self and our internal self and depending on how healthy our internal physical and mental selves are, we will either have beautiful conscious control of what we let in and affect us or  we will simply automatically react and lose ourselves in low energy, depression, weight gain and an attachment to self-image.  At the end of the day how we carry ourselves and lead ourselves in the world, our relationships, careers, dreams, is fully dependent on our energy level…and where does our energy fuel come from?? Our food!  – I invite you to come join me for your WildFit experience – together we will free your body and mind to be all that you were meant to be!  Nothing tastes as good as feeling good!  We do this together – you don’t have to be alone!

Certified WildFit & Back to Spring Coach / Certified Life & Business Coach / Certified Meditation Trainer

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: February 13, 2023
Class 2: March 20, 2023
Join me for your WildFit experience: ritawildfit@gmail.com

" What you are looking for is not out there, it is in you" (Rumi)

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