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Before I share my story with you, I’d like to answer a question you may have:
“Is WILDFIT just another diet that you’ll try, become frustrated with, and eventually give up on because it’s not sustainable?”

—Let’s eliminate the stress right now.

WILDFIT is not a ‘diet’ 

It’s going to become your lifestyle. You’ll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. You’ll gain valuable nutritional knowledge, increase your awareness of your body’s needs, transform your mindset, and find the motivation that will empower you to thrive – not just survive – in every aspect of your life.

I’m here to guide you every step of the way. 

Regardless of your age or background, if you want to lose, gain, or maintain weight or reach peak performance as an athlete, I can help you achieve your goals. With my guidance, you can improve your health, live longer, live better, and live free with greater vitality.

You’ve come to the right place, your life & your health will thank you.

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I am forever thankful …
How WILDFIT helped my daughter & me.

As a devoted mother of two, I know firsthand the challenges that come with keeping your children mentally and physically healthy. It’s a tough job, but I take on this challenge with boundless love and unwavering determination because I know that, as parents, we must be our children’s biggest advocates. After all, our kids deserve nothing but the best.

Watching my daughter Rewa struggle with her weight since she was young was a heartbreaking experience. As she grew older, her condition worsened, and at 12 years old, she was diagnosed with insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. This cruel disease caused her to gain excessive weight and led to constant sweating and dark spots on her skin. Despite seeking help from doctors and dieticians, we found ourselves going in circles, trying different diets and even medication. It was a frustrating experience that left us feeling helpless.

  • Insulin resistance means her body was not responding properly to the insulin produced by her pancreas. As a result, her pancreas has to pump out more insulin to get her blood sugar into the cells. Over time, her cells become resistant to all that insulin, causing her blood sugar to keep rising. Left untreated or not managed properly, it can cause a range of health problems, including weight gain, fatigue, and even type 2 diabetes.

I was determined to find a way to help her avoid further health problems.

As a lifelong health enthusiast with a passion for wellness, nutrition, and fitness, I tried many approaches to help Rewa improve her health and manage her symptoms. We were successful in some ways (I came up with a diet that enabled her to lose some weight) and in combination with medication, her insulin levels were under control, giving us a sense of relief. Unfortunately, the side effects of the medication, such as nausea, sweating, and dark spots on her skin, still made her feel self-conscious about her appearance—something no teen should have to endure. Finally, as she prepared for university, I discovered the WILDFIT® 90-Day Challenge.

It was a game-changer for us. WILDFIT meant she and I could finally relax.

As Rewa and I incorporated the WILDFIT® principles into our lives, we saw fast and steady positive results. Before the end of the 90 days, WILDFIT® helped my daughter manage her health condition easily — she no longer suffered the side effects from medication because she no longer needed the medication! Her results were so life-changing, they inspired me to become a WILDFIT® Certified Coach so I could go out into the world and share this remarkable health experience with others.

It’s my daughter’s and my own journey that led me here today, and I am forever thankful for it. With my certification as a WILDFIT® Coach, I have found my life’s calling—to help others achieve their health goals and live their best lives.

The transformations I witness in my clients fuel my passion and LOVE for what I do.

Rewa Karam – Graduate Student (Kuwait)
“Halfway through the WILDFIT® program, my life changed for the better. I no longer needed medication (e.g., Metformin) that doctors insisted I take for the rest of my life, which had caused other health problems because of its side effects.  My blood sugar is finally in a healthy range. My sleep has improved. I lost weight and continue to keep it off without effort. I no longer worry or feel embarrassed about sweating.”  Thank you, Mom!


 Shahad Awad – Working professional (Kuwait)
I had the pleasure of having Rana as my WILDFIT® coach. She made the entire process easy to understand. Her stories and examples were so relatable and she really understood our culture. Her guidance and support were invaluable throughout the entire journey and everything was perfectly handled. I would highly recommend Rana’s services to anyone looking to work with a knowledgeable and passionate WILDFIT® coach. The program is incredibly effective and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a lasting change in their health and lifestyle.
I am so thankful for the experience.

This may be the greatest gift you can ever give yourself or your loved ones. 

As your coach and mentor, I will support you in making choices that offer the potential to change your life. I will show you how your body is more than a physical system fueled by food. I will help you understand your mindset and teach you ways to better treat your body, which is pivotal for achieving food freedom and overall better health.

Let’s do this together!

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“If you don’t come from a healthy family, make sure a healthy family comes from you.” – Rachel Steinman

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