Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: India
Languages I Speak: English, Hindi, Tamil

About Raakkhee

pRaakkhee Singhi is the first Certified Wildfit Coach from India whose main mission is to improve the life of people who are struggling with health. Before this, she was an interior designer but gave it up in a night to pursue a life as a Wildfit Coach./ppShe will help you create a reality where you are not only getting rid of those stubborn fats but also the cravings./ppShe is also a transformational coach and helps you from the roots of the problem. Failing is not easy with her as she will handhold you through the journey and will not let go. She believes in ageing gracefully without pain, and painting your own life the way you want. She has her expertise in vegetarian food as she has been one since birth.br /During her school days, she was awarded the Best Guide Award from the Honourable President R.Venkataraman. Discipline, Passion and Commitment drive her to do more./p

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Weave the story of health and pass it on to your generation so that the legacy of healthy generations continue

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