Certified WILDFIT Coach
Languages I Speak: English, Lithuanian

About Raimonda

Well, I have two passions: Dentistry. And a healthy way of living.

Lots and lots of health books, articles, experiments, recipes in health passed through me. I’ve been vegetarian, vegan for years. I know how the body feels such nutrition.  I thought I was eating very healthy. And WILDFIT  will just add some dots on i. Was looking forward for the program.

And the year after the program came different. All messy knowledge, experiments were arranged into clear lifestyle structure. Energy levels so much increased. The strong allergies, were gone. Sleep was so much improved, less is needed. 

But the most important thing,- I learned so much about myself… the food is pure emotion, that i’m looking for , when am going to eat.  To relax. It’s a legal runaway from the works, duties ,”must do lists” …and it’s the time, i don’t have to do other things.

Oh baby… so. Started learning. Little by little. To recognise my true needs, emotions. Express it. Understand them, and learn to fulfil otherwise than food. Choose functional food. Still long road  ahead. I’m happy that now I feel  i’m on the right one.

I’ve two boys and a baby girl. I believe that each of our choices will be their choices. The example of healthier lifestyle will be the best investment into their well being.  

I wish you healthiest, happiest life as possible. Freedom. Let’s play life, as a video game. Get into the challenge! Nothing to lose. ;)


Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: January 2, 2023
Class 2: February 13, 2023

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"Be bigger than your biggest excuse"

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