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WILDFIT  for  The  Misfits  &  Misunderstood


Health Transformation in a Judgement-Free Zone


ISB, Anxiety, LGBTQ+, ADHD/Autism, Chronic Stress,

Morbid Obesity, Allergies/Intolerances


I’m a Brit, married to a German, mother of 2 teenagers with additional needs, owner of a Cavapoo and living in Germany for nearly 20 years.

None of the above was part of my plan – I never planned on getting married and I never planned on being a mum, let alone doing all that miles away from my family and friends.  Before I stumbled across WILDFIT®️ many parts of my life really sucked:

. the crushing loneliness
. trying to be a parent without ‘a village’ around me
. realising that neither of my kids were ‘normal’
. battling the authorities for support (in the wrong language)
. the subtle yet frustrating cultural differences between me and my husband
. the end of my hard-earned career

the list went on and on…

I’d love to say I rose above it and coped with the stresses and strains magnificently, but I really didn’t.  I struggled with my mental health for years, ranging from feeling down, to extended bouts of depression and ultimately years of crippling anxiety.

One thing I did excel at though was smothering my emotions with food and drink.  I mastered the art of eating my comfort foods of choice in secret, I’d munch down bars of chocolate faster than I could chew them, developed ninja-level skills of silently opening packets of potato chips so the kids didn’t hear and, oh, the sweet relief of that ice-cold beer once the kids were in bed in the evening.

By early 2020 I was so heavy I couldn’t buy clothes in the shops, only online and hating how I looked in all of them, I was diabetic, had high blood pressure, and was utterly miserable.

I was so ashamed and embarrassed by the state I’d let myself get into, I tried and failed every diet I could find to sign up for, I tried every calorie tracking app in the app store, I had bookshelves groaning with self-help and diet books and my sparkle had well and truly fizzled out.

All that changed when I came across WILDFIT®️. Initially, I thought it was utter nonsense, that it was yet another snake oil remedy, that Eric Edmeades was all smoke and mirrors (sorry Eric).  But in the end, I was to sign up. In all honesty, I’d decided that when I failed at WILDFIT®️, as I’d failed at every other diet, I would be able to say I really had tried everything, and could now give up and just accept my steady decline.

It turned out I was wrong! 5 days in and I knew something was very different, 10 days in and I was convinced that this was finally the solution I’d been looking for, and at the end of the Challenge, my coach asked me to write a list of all the ‘wins’ I’d had during the challenge. If I hadn’t written it myself I wouldn’t believe it. There were 29 separate wins on that list and these are my top 5:

. 27lbs down
. No longer Type 2 diabetic
. My day is no longer ruled by my anxiety
. The constant aches and pains are long gone
. I can eat a variety of vegetables that I was allergic to or intolerant of before WildFit

2 years later and I’m a Certified WILDFIT®️ & Back to Spring Coach and winner of WILDFIT®️ Rising Star 2023, I’ve coached hundreds of clients through these programmes, and I never tire of celebrating their wins with them.😍

Here’s what my clients say about working with me:

Rachel is an extraordinary coach with pristine intuition and keen listening. In just 1 month of working together, I made huge progress in my health journey. I’ve never felt better in my entire life. – Jolie Dawn

Working with Rachel for the WILDFIT®️ challenge was lovely. She is super supportive and caring. She was able to hold space for some deep emotional processes during the challenge. I would highly recommend coaching with her if you are ready to make change, reset your relationship with food and feel better in your body. – Amanda Goolsby

Thank you for reading about my WILDFIT®️ journey – I’m really looking forward to being a part of yours😊.

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90 Day Challenge & Back to Spring Coach


Next 90 Day Challenge begins – 18 September 2023

Next Back to Spring begins – 6 November 2023

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: September 18, 2023
Class 2: October 16, 2023

Hinfallen, aufstehen, Krone richten, weitergehen! (Fall over, stand up, straighten your crown, carry on!)

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