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I’m a Brit who has been living in Germany with my German husband for the last 18 years, a mother of 2 teenagers with additional needs, and I recently caved in and got the dog our eldest spent 14 years asking for!

None of the above was ever part of my plan – I never planned on getting married and I never planned on being a mum, let alone doing all of that while living way too many miles away from my family and friends.

As much as there were many great aspects to my life, there were many many parts of it that really sucked:

– the crushing loneliness
– trying to be a parent without ‘a village’ around me
– realising that neither of my kids were ‘normal’
– battling the authorities for support (in the wrong language)
– the subtle yet frustrating cultural differences between me and my husband
– the end of my hard-earned career
the list goes on and on…

I’d love to say I rose above it and coped with the stresses and strains magnificently, but I really didn’t.  I struggled with my mental health for years – ranging from the funked-out blues to extended bouts of depression and ultimately years of utterly crippling anxiety.

One thing I did excel at though was smothering my emotions with food and drink.  I mastered the art of eating my comfort foods of choice in secret, I’d munch down bars of chocolate faster than I could chew them, developed ninja-level skills of silently opening packets of potato chips so the kids didn’t hear and, oh, the sweet relief of that ice-cold beer once the kids were in bed in the evening.

By early 2020 I was so heavy I couldn’t buy clothes in the shops and was reduced to ordering them from catalogues – hating how I looked in all of them, I was diabetic, had high blood pressure, and was utterly utterly miserable.

I was so ashamed and embarrassed by the state I’d let myself get into, I’d tried and failed every diet I could sign up for, had tried every calorie tracking app out there, had bookshelves groaning with self-help and diet books and my sparkle had well and truly fizzled out. .

All that changed when a friend (who was also a WILDFIT Coach) told me about WILDFIT®️ and very gently encouraged me to give it a shot.  I thought she was talking utter nonsense, that it was yet another snake oil remedy for the mess I was in, that Eric Edmeades was all smoke and mirrors (sorry Eric).  But in the end, I was so desperate I agreed to try it out.

I didn’t say it out loud, but I decided that when I failed at WILDFIT, like I’d failed at every other diet, I would be able to honestly say I’d tried everything, give up and just accept my steady decline.

Turns out I was wrong!  5 days in and I knew something was very different about this WILDFIT malarky, 10 days in and I was convinced that this was finally the solution I’d been looking for and at the end of the Challenge, my coach asked me to write a list of all the ‘wins’ during the challenge. If I hadn’t written it myself I wouldn’t believe it:

– 27lbs down from my heaviest so 22lbs lost on WildFit (so far)
– my wedding ring moves around on my finger
– I have cheekbones and a chin again
– my watch is on a tighter hole
– my belt is 4 holes tighter
– a few of my clothes have been donated as they look ridiculous
– more of my clothes are looking better as my belly reduces
– the possibility of getting out the boxes of too-small clothes stored in the cellar is actually a reality in my future now
– my diet has been totally completely transformed
– my blood pressure is dramatically improved
– my blood sugar counts as post-diabetic
– the 12 other markers in my blood test have all improved, all well within the healthy range
– I feel more comfortable in my body
– The constant aches and pains are long gone
– My hay fever and asthma have noticeably improved
– I can now a variety of vegetables that I was either allergic to or intolerant of before WildFit

The list of physical changes goes on and on….


– I know that I will not be ruled by food again
– I have the tools to deal with cravings that may come up
– I will no longer feel guilty about eating ‘bad’ foods
– I have the skills (and support) I need to Live WildFit
– I am excited about feeling better and better the longer I live WildFit
– I no longer have a goal weight, I will see where the WildFit journey leads my health
– I have shattered some personal beliefs – I’m not good enough to do this, I won’t finish it, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t
– I have forced myself to be open-minded and face up to the challenges
– I have cried, twice
– I have made friends
– I believe in myself, I can commit to, thrive on the challenge, and complete things if I put my mind to it
– I matter! I have learned to put myself first when it comes to self-care. I don’t have to be a martyr to my family

Not surprising really that I then went on to train as a WILDFIT Coach.  How could I not be the one to gently encourage others to try the Challenge?

I’m now a Certified WILDFIT Coach and a Certified Mindvalley Holobody Coach and cannot believe my luck, that I get to be a part of the physical, mental and emotional transformations of my clients.😊😍

If you’d like to find out more about working with me and how I can support you to get your sparkle back and remember just how bloomin’ fabulous you can book a free call on this link or use any of the options below.

You can follow this link to receive a free list of the 65 Names of Sugar.  This will help you find out when the food manufacturers are sneaking sugar into your food without your even realising.

Thank you for reading about my journey – I’m really looking forward to being a part of yours.


P.S. Here’s what my clients say about working with me:

Rachel is such a wonderful coach. She has been with us on every step of the journey and provided a listening ear when required and support when necessary. Her empathetic, cheery and positive manner has made our twice-weekly calls so much fun and I really look forward to them. 

Rachel was the backbone of my whole Wildfit experience. She has been a fabulous coach throughout..and has encouraged me on through the good and bad days…we have both laughed and cried through the whole journey and I’m sad to have reached the end of the Challenge. Thanks to Rachels’s positive coaching, I have completely changed how I look at food, and now enjoy a healthier way of life, have more energy as a result and have a much more positive outlook. 

I can’t recommend Rachel enough, she has been a wonderful Coach, patient, calm and encouraging with a fab sense of humour… and never once gave up on me…even when I felt like giving up myself.


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