Certified WILDFIT Coach
Languages I Speak: English, German

About Rachel

Having spent way too many years struggling with my weight and health (both mental and physical), I signed up for the WILDFIT® 90 Challenge in June 2020 out of sheer desperation, pretty much convinced it would be all smoke and mirrors with a dash of snake oil.

90 days later my health was quite literally transformed – from improving my asthma and allergies, to reversing my Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, to a dramatic reduction in anxiety, to releasing significant amounts of weight, to resolving my stomach ‘issues’, to learning that it is ok to make my health a priority. The list is endless.

Having experienced such a profound change to my own health and wellbeing I passionately believe in support other people on their journey to transform their own health, thus my decision to become as a Certified WILDFIT® Coach.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing how I can help you get your sparkle back. 

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: July 11, 2022
Class 2: August 8, 2022
Contact me for 1:1 coaching packages including 'Finding Your Feet with Living WILDFIT' and '6 Week Reset' and details of my next Back to Spring programme.

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