Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: India
Languages I Speak: English, French, Hindi


I have been an entrepreneur for little more than a decade now. I started out as a french language trainer and then moved on to become a Bollywood dance instructor and am now a certified WildFit® Coach. The last one, in fact, has turned out to be one of my greatest gifts.

My 90 day challenge not only helped me lose 14 kgs & drop two sizes it has also made vast improvements in my sleeping patterns, hair & skin quality and most importantly my health & immunity. I am happy to say that finally I have managed to change my relationship with food and manage stress much better in my personal & professional life. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to help my husband recover from Covid-19 without testing positive myself!!! This helped me realize how good health and vitality feels and it was then that I decided to spread the benefits to everyone around me.

My family members were the first ones on whom I tried the WILDFIT programme as they had seen my transformation and were curious to explore the same. And it has worked like magic for every single one of them. They have seen a complete turnaround in their health & overall well being. To highlight a few instances, my sister saw her hormonal imbalances correcting which was troubling her for years while my husband who was facing issues with his health during the lockdown period has seen his immune system improve drastically with no more constant niggles in his lower back, indigestion issues and bouts of viral infection.

Through WildFit® I have already transformed 14 individuals in the last few months. My clients have had massive weight loss and have in turn gained immense confidence! They have rid themselves of health issues like thyroid, hormonal imbalances, period cramps and pains which they had assumed will always be part of their lives. Most importantly, what they really cherish is the freedom from food and emotional eating. It was magical to watch all of them progress day by day.

I am a globe trotter and love trying new cuisines. I love experimenting with food from different parts of the world. Creating “easy to make” healthy foods that bring out the distinctive flavours of the world into a plate is my favourite pastime. I am now working on my latest project which is an E-book that will contain WILDFIT vegan friendly recipes to further help all my clients.

All my passions and experience will enable me to help you adapt the WildFit® Program to your respective culture and country. I will guide you with the recipes and ingredients so you can use the best and freshest produce easily available and make the most of what you have and what you love.

My goal  is to help highly ambitious women, busy working professionals, housewives struggling to be working mums around the world to lose weight for good, to get the energy they need, gain confidence and become extraordinary! Giving up is not my cup of tea so I will be your coach at every step. It does not end till we achieve your goals together.

Contact me for 1 on 1 private coaching or my group coaching programs that includes meditation and bollywood dance classes. I also have special batches for the vegetarian & vegan community.

Can’t wait to see you transform. GET SET GO!

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: September 20, 2021
Class 2: October 18, 2021
Email at for 1 on 1 coaching and our other programs

A healthy person has 1000 wishes while an unhealthy person has only 1.

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