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About Paula

With 12 years coaching experience I am a certified WILDFIT coach based in the UK, I coach people from all over the world. I completed the 90 day WILDFIT challenge as a 50th birthday present to myself and the results I achieved were so life changing I decided then and there to train as a coach and share my knowledge to help others. I am happily married with 2 adult daughters and 2 wonderful step daughters, I have recently become a grandmother to our beautiful granddaughter!

When I discovered WILDFIT I was not in a good place physically or mentally.

My background is in the hospitality industry. I grew up the daughter of a chef , my grandfather was a chef , my brother is a chef and family gatherings of any kind of course always revolved  around food . However with so many chefs around to cook for me I never actually learned how to cook ! 

My nickname growing up was ‘ cupboard love’ as I was always looking for the next thing to eat .  That continued when I left home and my weight soon became a concern. 

I was a constant yo yo dieter , I would try to be good but could never stick to a ‘ diet plan’ .

When I started moving into my late 40’s the symptoms of menopause added to my misery. My days were filled with hot flashes , my sleep was disturbed & I’d struggle out of bed feeling like I really hadn’t slept . My hips and legs ached and no amount of going to the gym made any difference to my weight gain or how I felt .
I felt lost and could only imagine how I was going to feel as I got older .  

When I started WILDFIT I realised that my diet mentality had caused my nothing but misery for years and my mindset dramatically changed! In just 90 days I learned so much about myself, my self esteem rocketed, I came off all my medication for stress and anxiety, my acid reflux stopped & so did my mysterious aches and pains. I honestly feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life, I couldn’t be happier. As a side effect I’m also 3 dress sizes down and have so much zest & energy for life it’s just incredible.

I feel so fortunate to have found this programme and to be able to share it with you if you are feeling in any way that you are not your best self.

Originally from Ireland I am blessed with a positive attitude and a great sense of humour. My groups are focussed on making the journey as much fun as possible while supporting you to achieve the results you need. I feel it’s my life’s mission to coach my clients to help them achieve their health goals . I help people of all ages restore health, release stubborn weight and gain energy without diets, supplements or exercise all in 90 days. My web site is full of great testimonials from previous clients & is well worth a look  -

 I offer a free half hour coaching session to help you find out if I’m the right coach for you , just drop me a message by email or fb  & we’ll chat. 

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Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: January 30, 2023
Class 2: February 20, 2023
Also contact me for 1 to 1 coaching with dates available for immediate start to suit you.

Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life.

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