Certified WILDFIT Coach
Languages I Speak: English, German, Spanish; Castilian

About Nicole

Hi, I’m Nicole

I help high performing people to upgrade their quality of life through shifting to a healthy lifestyle so that they can have more energy, look and feel younger, have meaningful relationships, perform better at work and ultimately live longer and better.

I am German and have been living on the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain since 2004. For the past 25 years, I have been a senior executive in a large European travel company, leading a busy life with a lot of business travel and at the same time being a mom to two wonderful boys. When the pandemic completely disrupted the business and I was stuck at home, it was like someone had pulled out the plug and I started to realise how exhausted I actually was from my “superwoman in the hamster wheel” lifestyle.

My own WILDFIT journey started in August 2020, and I realised very quickly that this was about a lot more than healthy eating – it was is about self-care, being mindful, finding time to do something for you, (re)learning to cook, leading by example for my children. The way I felt after a few weeks in the programme was incredible. I am now nearly 50 years old and I have more energy than in my thirties! Other effects I saw were clearer skin, 7 kg of weight release and no more hay fever.

My WILDFIT experience has also been the starting point for rediscovering who I really am and what I want to do with my life: starting my own coaching business to help other people to change their lives, making more time for yoga and time in nature in my schedule and being more mindful with many things in my life (not only the food I eat).

In my classes, I love to create a community of likeminded people who want to change their lives and I also include extra content on breathing, sleep and movement. Due to my own background in corporate business and being a working mom, I understand the challenges of having a really busy life and I support my clients in finding solutions for shifting to a healthy lifestyle that works for them.

As a German living in Spain, I am combining a structured approach of getting results for my clients with the ease, joy of living and spirit of the Mediterranean. I am coaching clients from all over the world in English, German and Spanish. 

Reach out to me for a free discovery call and I’d be delighted to help you fall in love with your life again!



Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: June 19, 2023
Class 2: August 7, 2023
Contact me for a free discovery call, with more information about my next class or about 1-on-1 coaching.

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As a coach, I help you to fall in love in your life (again)!

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