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Discovering WILDFIT has truly been life-changing for me and now I can guide YOU through this transformation as your coach! My journey is the kind that isn’t really talked about, yet so many people go through the same path and end up in deep trouble- some as early as by their mid 30s!

I grew up being the thinnest person I knew. It was a blessing and a curse; a blessing that I could eat anything I wanted and not gain weight and a curse because it led me to a very dangerous place, without any healthy eating habits or awareness about what these foods are doing to my body…

By my mid and late 30s, I was spending most of my free time on the couch because I didn’t have the energy to do anything else. I gained weight, developed hypothyroidism, felt apathetic, and struggled to focus or have the energy to accomplish anything in my life.

I just thought this was part of getting older, going to be my life from now on and there wasn’t really anything I could do about it… Think about it, how many people end up in the trap of giving up, because they think this is what is supposed to happen?

My rock bottom moment was when I was getting ready for a friend’s wedding and discovered my PANTS WOULDN’T BUTTON!!! It was one hour before the wedding and there was nothing else appropriate in my closet. I felt like a complete failure…

Luckily, my girlfriend (now wife) figured out a solution that included safety pins, hair elastic, and some magic. Once I added a belt, the wardrobe malfunction had been averted but I was FREAKING OUT!

That was the moment when I decided to take control of my health and started looking for ways I could create a lasting change in my life. I never wanted to feel like this again!

Eventually, through trying several approaches, I discovered the most natural way for humans to eat without putting on weight. I finally could make educated choices and get in control of my sloppy eating habits.

This shifted EVERYTHING. I completely transformed my health.

Bad eating habits – FOREVER CHANGED; brain fog – GONE; medication for hypothyroidism – NOT NEEDED; energy – LOADS; mood swings – VANISHED; weight – LIGHTEST SINCE MY EARLY 20s.

I’ve never felt better and I know that you can experience this too!

This is why I’ve decided to coach people through this incredible 90-day health program. And if you relate to my story of transformation I would love to explore how I could coach you through yours!

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