Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: Australia
Languages I Speak: English

About Mark

With a VISION of raising the consciousness of Empty Nesters (45yr old plus) around the World, our MISSION is to empower them by giving them Everything they Need to Add More Life to their Life!

The centerpiece of our framework are 3 key pillars of living an extraordinary life …. Experience,  Contribution, &  Growth.
We call this our ECG Life Pulse Formulae. Everything we do, Everything we teach. Everything we share, gravitates around the ECG pillars.

One of the key ingredients to this is, of course, HEALTH!

Hi, I’m your Certified WildFit Coach, Mark O’Toole,  & I live in a beautiful village called Tamborine Mountain, located in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia.

Having been the primary carer for my late wife, who suffered from an invasive form of cancer, I embarked on a personal mission to find a way to live a sustainable lifestyle centered around health, joy, & fulfillment.    Why?  after this difficult 11-year journey, I wanted to give myself, my daughters, & my family & friends, the best chance to NOT experience the horrible & devastating, yet common, diseases that our society experience today.

After trialing many different health, nutrition, & fitness strategies, I discovered WildFit in 2018, & have not looked back. Through my journey of transformation with WildFit, I personally increased my self-confidence & self-respect, I let go of crazy beliefs & attachments to certain foods, I found ease from joint pain & that foggy brain, and, I released 10kgs along the way.

The joy, fulfillment & pride that I now feel as an experienced Certified WildFit Coach, from observing the transformations that my clients experience through this amazing program, made it an easy decision for me to leave the profession of Architecture, & create a business called  The Dream Architects, that focuses full-time on adding more life to our client’s lives.

Having now guided many, many clients from around the world, I’ve had the honour & privilege to have supported Empty Nester Mums & Dads, medical doctors, scientists, nutritionists, diabetics, & many more in-between through the WildFit program.  Diverse in life & in geography, they all came with a common goal … to re-gain the health & vitality they had lost, and to discover the truth around food from a strategy that simply WORKS!

The result, as one of my clients shared …..

” I Feel so much BETTER!   I Feel ALIVE!!   I Feel FREE!!!    With Mark & WildFit, I created the FREEDOM in my life that I have been seeking for a long time. Thank you !!! “

Join me on our next journey through the WildFit program


Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: January 18, 2021
Class 2: February 15, 2021

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"Everything You Want is on the Otherside of Consistency" ~ M.Sorro. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

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