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About Marianne

A Little History

I was born in Australia to Croatian immigrants who journeyed out in 1961 bringing with them all their traditional small village cultural ways.  I was embarrassed to have friends over because of my mother’s backyard edible garden (which included weeds like dandelion for medicinal use).  We rarely ate out or got take away but as a teenager in the 1970s with an unpronounceable surname, all I wanted to do was fit in so as soon as I could, I moved out of home to grasp with both hands what the world had to offer.


Fast forward to 2004, and I’m a new wife with two young babies who I wanted to make sure had the best of everything from clothes (all natural, allergenic-free, bamboo and hemp, of course), food, (organic, biodynamic and locally grown) and natural preventative and remedial herbal medicines.


After more than half a lifetime in the corporate world, I took a break to become a full time Mum.  I loved being able to be there for them every day, but once they hit high school and were needing me less, I started to get an itch for something that was just for me beyond the wife, mother and home maker roles I’d filled for 8 years.


For the first time, I felt I was free to pursue my passions, so I enrolled in a Nutrition course and dabbled in Herbal Medicine (the irony wasn’t lost on my mother who laughed loudly and heartily at my expense the first time I lectured her on the importance of preservative-free, low-tox and close as possible to the natural source).


The Wheels Started Falling Off

For the most part I looked after myself well, eating healthily and exercising, but also indulging when I felt like it without guilt or consequences.  Growing up I never had a weight problem, but that all started to go sideways once I got into my 50s and menopause struck.  All of a sudden, the body I thought I knew intimately started to fail me.  And none of the things I knew about health and healthy food were supporting me anymore.


My weight ballooned and I starting getting eczema on my face and hands.  I changed from being that person who enjoyed being front and centre to hiding in the background out of view or electing to be camera woman instead of subject (sound familiar?).  I used to love going to the beach and swimming in the ocean, but I was embarrassed to strip down to a swimsuit, so I stopped going to the beach all together.  I also stopped buying clothes.


But weight and skin issues weren’t my only problems.  I couldn’t remember when it happened, but one day I noticed that I couldn’t squat down to pick something up of the floor, my knees hurt so much (arthritis, I later found out), and migraines which used to be a once every 10-year event, were coming in clusters thick and fast, the two biggest landing me in hospital on morphine for the pain.  If you’ve ever suffered migraines, you know they don’t just take you out for one day, but the entire following week is lived in a zombie-like haze.  I was starting to lose one week out of every four.


Acid reflux was a nightly event along with constant hot flushes and night sweats. My quality of sleep plummeted, leaving me exhausted during the day.  I struggled with normal daily tasks, so forget actually enjoying life.  My teenagers started calling me a grump and telling me I was always angry.  Our kids grow up so fast and then they’re gone and I was missing out on the best years with them.  My time was slipping through my fingers but I couldn’t find the glass half-full, upbeat, happy person I used to be.  It was just one big nasty loop.


Then my mother was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and I finally saw the writing on the wall.  That was going to be me if I didn’t take drastic action … fast.


I’d tried lots of different diets and programs over recent years: Hormone Re-set, CSIRO Wellbeing, 500 calories a day, Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Atkins, Low Fat, High Fat, Cabbage Soup.  Most left me with mixed results (and some interesting side affects), but, sadly, none that lasted.  I realised, it’s all great while you’re on the program, but as soon as you finish, there’s no clear path forward to maintain the results and, more importantly, nothing in those diets that help you rewrite unhealthy food relationships or shine a spotlight on the insidious food traps the Big Food Cos weave to get you addicted.


Fast Forward to 2021

Then I heard about the WILDFIT 90-day Challenge in January 2021 and learnt that WILDFIT focuses firstly on changing the psychology of our relationships with food and then why it’s important we change things up in the way we eat.  I learnt how the wrong foods (even those we’re taught are good for us) can be the source of so many health issues, like my acid reflux, hormone imbalance, arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, and I learnt how to recognise my body’s only one true hunger.



WILDFIT completely transformed the way I thought about food and what and how I ate.  And in the process, helped me shed 9 kg (almost 20 lb) of excess weight and, even more importantly, reversed or eliminated most of my mounting health issues.


The migraines and acid reflux completely disappeared, my sleep improved and my energy levels returned … along with my smile.  Summer at the beach is awesome, AND I wear a bikini!  And my menopausal symptoms finally settled down.  Having discovered this holy grail of health re-boots, there was no way I couldn’t share it with the world, so I became a certified WILDFIT Coach and combine PQ Mental Fitness Coaching, Theta Energy Healing practices and Aromatherapy to help smash limiting beliefs and facilitate awesome outcomes.


I know there are a lot of you – men and women – like me who’ve reached a “certain” age and think there’s nothing you can do to slow or stop, let alone reverse, what you feel are the unavoidable outcomes of ageing – weight gain and deteriorating health.  I’m here to tell you that’s complete rubbish and it’s now my mission to help you discover how you, too, can look and feel 10 years younger in 90 days.


Some Words from Happy Clients

“Each week I noticed subtle changes in my body and was surprised how much my attitude to what and how I ate improved.  Not only did I lose 8kg, but I experienced lots of other unexpected bonuses, like an increase in energy, a reduction in pain and stiffness, my snoring disappeared and my skin glowed.  I felt better than I had in a long time and friends commented on how much younger I looked.  I really believe in the WILDFIT program and can’t recommend Marianne’s passion and coaching skills highly enough.” Nicole


“WILDFIT is a comprehensive and insightful program which helped re-educate my attitudes towards and behaviours around food choices.  I now easily walk past the biscuit and snack isles at the supermarket without a second thought (I was a complete biscuit and Twisties addict before).  My coach, Marianne, was enthusiastic, helpful and always available to help each individual talk through their issues in an effort to achieve their program goals.  She went way beyond what I expected, and led by example, joining us in our journey every step of the way.” Amanda


Fun Fact

I was Miss Australia 1984.  My maiden name was Koznjak (in case you want to google me 😉).


To see if WILDFIT could be a good fit for you, why not book a free coaching call with me at this link:


To Your Best You

Marianne 💚

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