Maria JesusCampos

Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: Switzerland
Languages I Speak: English, Spanish; Castilian

About Maria Jesus

Maria Jesus Campos is the Founder and CEO of Self·Health·Wealth, which focuses in helping people to heal themselves to achieve their Best Health.

From a Business and Economics career, she built her wealth losing her health completely on the way.  Life brought her strong life challenges that changed her entire future. She had to focus completely on her Health to be able to live for her kids. Becoming a mother saved her life.

To meet someone like Maria Jesus, who’s got first-hand experiences of what it takes to heal herself, and hear her telling her story, is a gift.

This health warrior changed her destiny of a short life by beating an autoimmune disease that was impossible to do. After 11 Years of Investigating and experimenting on herself with all possible ways on how to heal, she got it!


She has changed her life completely to help others to learn how to heal their bodies as well.

Because time is precious, she decided to share and teach them the fast track to Health.


“The past, the pain, traumas and many memories stay stuck in our bodies. The mind pressures us to do and to be without even acknowledging that we are more than just a brain. All affects our Body, and till the moment that we learn how to keep the Mind, Body and Spirit connected, we can start healing from all”.



Nutrition and Movement Medicine is her deep passion that speeds up healing in impressive ways.

Through her several programs, she builds the right to health around the world. She is a believer that everyone should live in their best Health and nothing less.


She is a joyful and passionate woman that spread love, smiles and health.
Everything she does comes from her heart and passion. She has a high ability to connect, to teach and to inspire others. As international coach, she shines and radiates, gives life on the stage through her fantastic energy.


Since Maria Jesus discovered that being happy was a choice, she has an impressive courage to always say yes to uplevel and that is how she ended up being part of the project of Think and Grow Rich by being part of the cast of the “Mom´s Rising” movie and book. She also shares her story and way to find her purpose through the book Discover Your Purpose, from “A Journey of Riches”.

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: January 7, 2024
Class 2: September 3, 2024
I love working in groups but if your need is 1-1 I am here for you.

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