Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: United States
Languages I Speak: English, Portuguese, Spanish; Castilian

About Marcia

Hi, I am Marcia!

I believe that energy comes from INSIDE – what you put in your body and your home!

Originally from Portugal, having moved into NY has changed not only my life but also, the way I was eating. As an “Ex-Sugar Addict”, I can say that I thank WildFit for forever changing my relationship with food and transforming me into a healthier being (goodbye to sinuses infection episodes yay!), since 3 years ago!… What started as a journey of “fixing” my food addictions and the way my body looked, turned into a journey of health and looking into how can I make my life better as I age – by being as healthy as I can! Seeing how life-changing it was for me, especially with the health crisis that we’re having in this pandemic time, I want to help others to do the same!

I specialize in small groups (2-3 people), as I want to give you the EXPERIENCE close to ONE-ON-ONE Coaching, but with the community aspect of the program integrated, by having a small group to support you. I find that it’s easier for you to share your wins and challenges throughout the 90 Day Challenge if there are only a few people in the group. Also, as everyone is getting “zoom tired” these days, I offer personalized ways to communicate – by using Facebook, Telegram, or Whatsapp – adjusted to your schedule. Plus you get to create amazing friendships!

I love music (I secretly DJ some Deep House music), the NY energy – urban fast-paced environments –  and by living here I understand well the challenges of preparing foods, ordering out, etc, while we’re on the go. And during the 90 Day Challenge, my clients gain a new love for cooking – I make it easy for you, with recipes that you can cook quickly. 

I love to help people breaking up with their sugar cravings and reclaiming their health and energy. By working with me you’ll get to transform INSIDE OUT! Because your energy is highly dependable on you and your direct environment… I’m also using my years of Interior Design experience, to help you transform the energy of your HOME.  So you can benefit from that too, as an add-on to transforming your inside energy! Ready to reset and declutter INSIDE OUT?  Let’s do it!

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Contact me for 1-on-1 coaching @MarciaTFA (Telegram) or

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You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.~Wayne Dyer

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