Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: United Kingdom
Languages I Speak: English, French

About Lisa

British coach, born in N.Ireland with Welsh blood and living between London and beautiful Provence in the South of France.  I am passionate about helping you to create your dreams, build your confidence and energy, release extra weight and feel good about yourself.

I am 56 years old and used to work in a corporate environment before returning to my passion of healthy food and movement. I can help you get through menopause using mindful eating to nourish your body and mindful movement to release stress and calm your nervous system.

I studied nutrition at the Institute of Health Sciences in UK before getting fabulous results myself with WildFit and naturally becoming a certified Coach. As an ex-dancer I love to use gentle stretches of yoga and strengthening Pilates to enhance your experience.

I am passionate about food psychology and I understand the problems around menopause having first hand experiences to share and I can offer solutions which I have found to work well. A healthy body and a healthy mind create a balanced person able to strive for their dreams and I can help you achieve food freedom to take control of your life and fulfil your wildest dreams.


Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: February 1, 2021
Class 2: February 15, 2021
Contact me for group challenges, 1-1 coaching or duo coaching with a friend

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Caring is sharing, Sharing is giving, Giving is Living ~ from my grandfather

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