Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: United States
Languages I Speak: English

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pOn January 12th 2019, I turned the Big 50 and I came to a realization that 1/2 of my life was over, if I lived to 100!   I was undergoing neck surgery in February and reevaluating my life and what my hopes and dreams were for it.  I can say, I was a bit disappointed, because looking back I feel there was wasted time and I was not happy with my health.  If I wanted to live a FULL life, I call it my 2nd ACT, then I needed to do some things differently.  Im blessed to have begun my journey into healing and transformation years earlier with Young Living Oils, Meditation and becoming more Mindful.  Then 3 years ago my husband decided that our 14 year marriage was over.  These tools all helped me recover from the Trauma and turn it into the Biggest Blessing.  August of 2019 I decided to join the Wildfit90 day Challenge.  I did not believe I could do anything about my weight.  You see, I was told I had a Thyroid issue, metabolism issue and was pre-diabetic.   I thought I would quit after 10 days and get my money back!  Well after the 10 days I could not quit!  I was too curious and felt like there was more to this than just weight loss possibilities.  My mind was shifting.  I completed the Wildfit90 in November of 2019 and I was thrilled with my results.  I had released 27 lbs and many inches all over my body.  Even better than the weight release was the fact that I no longer needed Thyroid medication, allergy medicine and I was sleeping like a baby and overall my hair, skin and nails were healthy.  I knew it was time to take my 2nd Act of life and do things differently and I was not finished my Wildfit Journey!  I decided to become a Wildfit Certified Coach because I am passionate about health and helping people overcome their challenges with food.  I have loved every minute of the work I have put into building my Coaching business and watching people change their relationship with food.  I have Coached 3 Wildfit 90 Day Challenges in 2020 and have enjoyed watching my clients transformation.  I have had repeat clients and now one is pregnant with her Wildfit baby and look forward to her having the healthiest pregnancy./p

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Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do. Brene Brown

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