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About Katja

Katja always thought she was eating healthy but kept wondering why the jeans were pinching and the scale kept showing those extra pounds. Like many others she was aware of how to eat healthier; more fruits and vegetables, less carbohydrates (especially in the evening), no fast food and stop the chocolate and ice cream. Despite knowing what to do, it was so difficult to actually do it, as it felt like missing out on the ‘real’ life.

WILDFIT made this process so easy. Everything starts with a mindshift. Food is our only fuel. It has a huge impact on our body, mind and soul, and our day-to-day mood, productivity and well-being. Through WILDFIT Katja has learned how to give her body exactly what it needs and how to live a healthy and happy life. Nothing tastes as good as optimal health and energy feels, and Katja is now on her mission to help others to fuel their lust for life!


What Katja’s clients say:

>>Before WILDFIT I had constant stomach burning sensation, bloated, heaviness in my stomach and body, always exhausted and no energy, I wake up every morning feeling like I haven’t had enough rest.
WILDFIT has transformed my life and I always want to live WILDFIT for the rest of my life. My stomach burning sensation which has been around for 4+ years is completely gone. I love food, take time to prepare my food and feel my body is nourished with love. My stomach always feels so good and clean. I have full control over what I eat and make conscious decisions about food. It amazes me how aware I have become of what works for me and what doesn’t (I have certain food intolerances that I knew nothing about before WILDFIT!). My body communicates with me about food so clearly! My favourite part of the 90-day challenge was our zoom calls and the support system we had. I appreciate how Katja answers our questions and gave us all the time we needed and more to share our experiences during the live calls while listening and paying full attention to each and every single one of us. She was generous with her time and very thoughtful and kind in approaching our challenges and guiding us. If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, consider living WILDFIT because it will transform your life to the better.<<
– Duaa from Abu Dhabi


>>Before WILDFIT I was eating a lot of bread, pasta, and also a lot of fruits day and night. I also needed or thought I needed something sweet after lunch and dinner. Usually a yogurt with fruits, a chocolate or biscuits. Since I started WILDFIT I noticed how much energy I have even when I don’t get enough sleep I am able to keep up during the whole day. I can now control my cravings and pay attention to the sugar monster. I stopped coffee and am doing great without it. My five non-scale victories are much more energy than before, cravings have reduced dramatically, I eat with awareness and pay attention to my emotional hunger, my skin is glowing and friends say I look much younger, and I have no more bloating. The groups support was key in my consistency, in me being accountable to myself. The coach support was very important. I would say it is a life transformation forever. A totally new lifestyle, a new you.<<
– Samia from Abu Dhabi


>>I was not confident and was wearing clothes that are large and hide the extra kgs plus I was not eating much vegetables and struggled to drink water. I manage to have a habit of drinking more water- sometimes I forget but then I get back on track easily, also whenever I eat I will always add vegetables with my meal. I liked most about the 90-day challenges that I never felt hungry, and I feel it will be long lasting result. Katja was ready to listen to each one of us and she knew our challenges and will follow up on next calls. I already recommended WILDFIT, because the results speak louder than my recommendation.<<
– Anonymous from Abu Dhabi


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Class 1: October 3, 2022
Class 2: January 9, 2023
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