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About Jonas


Where there is no panacea or an universal diet for overweight and obesity. We often chase these remedies, forgetting to give attention to our own body, by asking what it really needs. Let us learn to listen, and move further by not giving ourselves any damage.

My education as a personal coach is a combination of “WILDFIT” philosophy and “Exercise, Nutrition and Stress Management” studies that provides me with a deep insight into overall human health.

It is essential to analyze every individual situation, and every underlying factor that may add to the cause of not being able to maintain a healthy balance in the human body.

I have already coached more than 100 people and helped them to change their lives for good. This experience has gifted me with an ability to find the best possible approach, to work with people in a close, open manner, – as I am always able to maintain positivity, be empathic and inspiring to others.

We may never forget that all of us are different, individual human beings, whose needs also vary.


My journey with “WILDFIT” started in 2019, and it did not take long for me to achieve my feel-good weight.

Until then, I was used to being overweight. I remember the time when I was going up long stairs. It was summer, the sun was hot. And for a minute, while trying to get up there, I felt that it wasn’t right. I was lacking air so hard that the moment I looked down and saw my hands – I thought: “Man, you’re 30 years old…”  It was then it ‘clicked’.

I understood that I needed changes, and this time I was ready to get done with it.
90 days of “WILDFIT” challenge changed my life completely and I’ve left the obesity zone.
(My doctor had already warned me, back then – that my blood pressure was close to hypertension.)

After the challenge in February 2020, I was -17kg, with a brand new idea of how to live my life.

The impact on my life was gigantic! I almost started anew. This new beginning not only did change the way I look, but also – my mindset, providing me with deep insights of what was standing there right in front of me.

This had led me to become a “WILDFIT” coach myself, so I could help others to change their lives for the best.


You may always reach me through my calendar. I would gladly give You some of my time to talk everything through.


Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: March 25, 2024
Class 2: April 29, 2024
Not a group person and prefer 1-on-1 VIP Coaching? Reach out to me

Even in difficult times, I choose to see good in life.

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