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Hi, my name is Jennifer.

I am an elementary school teacher with four grown children and two beloved grandchildren. I love painting and singing and participating in comedies and musicals at the community theatre level. I also enjoy camping, canoeing, hiking, and woodworking. Cooking was never a strength for me, but while I can’t quite say I love cooking now, Wildfit has inspired me to cook a lot more, to enjoy it, and to try so many new and different things (which has made my husband very happy).

I want to share with you the incredible journey I have been on since I found Wildfit. It all started in January 2021, as I was feeling quite down from the social isolation of the pandemic, my poor sleep, weight gain, and overall lack of energy. I was dragging myself to work and getting sick all the time. I was searching for something….

Then I stumbled upon an interview with Eric Edmeades, the founder of Wildfit. As I listened to Eric explain the theory behind Wildfit, everything seemed to make sense to me. The interview explained how traditional diets don’t work, and why, and that ‘I hadn’t failed the diets, the diets had failed me’.

I was one of those typical people who had tried most of the diets out there – Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and the cabbage soup diet…. I have battled the same 15-25 pounds for the past 25 years – on, off, on, off… but it always came back because there was no plan going forward and there was no support system.

Wildfit has no products to sell – no food, no supplements, and no vitamins. What it does have is a solid psychological process to alter your relationship with food, a systematic, step-by-step process to help you change your habits from eating non-functional foods to eating functional foods, intensive coaching, and an incredible community to support you on the journey.

On my 90-day Wildfit challenge I had many non-scale victories. My sleep and energy improved dramatically. My mood leveled out. I began to feel more cheerful and optimistic. My arthritis was reduced significantly (no more knee pain going up and down stairs and hills). My post-nasal drip disappeared. My allergy symptoms diminished. No more indigestion and heartburn. I released over 30 pounds (I haven’t been at this weight since before I had my four children) and then another 10, post Challenge.

I was so impressed with my wins, and those of others in my group, and with the common sense approach of Eric and Master coach and nutritionist, Ariel Richards, that I was inspired to become a Wildfit coach so I could share this with others.

If any of this has resonated with you, if you would like to gain more energy, heal your body, release some weight, and find food freedom, I would love to help coach you through this process.


Here are a few testimonials from some of my clients:

Going through the Wildfit program with Jenn was such an amazing opportunity to learn and grow along the journey toward health and wellness. Living Wildfit is not a diet, it is a lifestyle, and Jenn supported us through it all. Though I embarked on the program alone, my family joined in along the way. Traveling on the Wildfit journey helped my pre-diabetic father (advised by doctors to begin taking daily medication) to maintain a healthy and normal blood sugar level. I owe all of my own success in releasing weight and feeling more energized to Jenn’s amazing Wildfit coaching!



The Wildfit 90-day challenge was illuminating!  It truly helped me to understand why I make certain food choices, which in turn gave me the power to change my habits.  Not only have I learned how to eat more healthily, but my newfound knowledge has also shaped the eating habits of our entire household.  My coach Jennifer was excellent at providing insightful feedback, and my fellow group members (both local and global) were so supportive and candid.  I highly recommend this program!


I had the pleasure of being in a 90-day Wildfit Challenge led by Jennifer.   Gradually removing certain foods gave a unique opportunity to notice subtle changes over the course which included increased energy, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, and weight loss.  I learned a lot about the hidden sugars in and other processing of our food which is harmful to our bodies and our overall nutrition. Jennifer was able to answer my questions in the weekly coaching sessions and we learned a lot from the weekly videos from Eric.  It’s always easier to make these kinds of lifestyle changes when you are part of a supportive group like small group coaching provides.


I loved the Wildfit program and would not have been nearly as successful without Jennifer’s supportive coaching! She went above and beyond to check in and to find out information to help me with some specific dietary concerns. I lost and have kept off over 30 pounds since completing the program. I now have control over my food cravings and there are many foods I have not been compelled to return to. I am enjoying healthier choices when I eat out and actually crave these foods. My health is significantly better – off medication for acid reflux, and no more joint pain, which has allowed me to exercise, hike, and enjoy higher levels of physical activity! I feel confident if I ever need a little tune-up to my eating habits, I can rewatch the videos and benefit from this program all over again. Thanks, Jennifer, for all of your encouragement and wisdom on the journey!


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"With great power comes great responsibility. With great responsibility comes great power." Jim Kwik

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