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About Jeanne

My name is Jeanne. I’ve been called a multi- talented artist. My work focusses on People, Pets and Wildlife. My love for Wildlife ‘drew’ me to Eric Emeades, the founder of Wildfit. As I was struggling with yet another weight loss program, I saw a video of Eric talking about Elephants. Elephants are my favorite, but I was intrigued by what Eric had to say about the Elephant’s Wild Diet, or the Elephant diet. How each species has a diet that will serve them best. And how the ‘human diet’ has been a huge controversy of miscommunication and downright sabotage to human health. My first husband died too young, and likely due to a poor diet. And I was not in the best of health either, but my problem is more about my esophagus and food sensitivities. I beat Kidney cancer, but with IBS and other digestive issues, I know I need to dig deeper into understanding the truth about how my diet can help build up my immune system as well as maybe shedding a few pounds. I did the program and lost over 40 inches and 15 pounds. I learned so much I just have to share this amazing information. A totally new approach to becoming proactive about my own self care and my relationship with food. I believe this program has breakthrough information that other diets may occasionally catch a few points, but Wildfit is different on so many levels. It’s about the methodology. And it works. For life. A better more vibrant life. Oh and I’m 69 in 2021. I did marry again, but recently he passed away at 92 , almost 93, and had the youthful look of someone 20 years or more, younger. He lived his life with such zest, even to the very end. Now I must carry on and live my best life. It’s all about self care. Give your body what it needs and it won’t just survive, it will THRIVE.

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: November 8, 2021
Class 2: December 6, 2021
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Believe.Where focus goes energy flows. Think it. Live it. And it will be so.

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