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Languages I Speak: English, German, Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan
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About Ioan

Hello! My name is Ioan Kinde.

I am a parent, an engineer, coach and entrepreneur. Some of  my hobbies are cycling, diving, cooking, human health, psychology and children’s education. I am fascinated by how children are making sense of the world we live in, and I am keen to contribute the best way we can for their world.

What I noticed so far on the journey of my life was that one of the most important aspects we can teach our children is how to properly nourish themselves. What the human diet is made of, and how to choose what’s healthy and what’s not so healthy.

As adults we are always attracted to go to our old programming we have got as children, depending on how much stress and novelty we have to deal with in our lives.

I also noticed that as a child, I took everything my parents told me as being true, I was not even questioning their teachings. As it seems now, what I learned as a child was not quite healthy for me.

This discovery was endorsed by most of my students, hence my challenge for you: would you love yourself and your child so much that you would be open to question what you know in terms of health through nutrition?

My story:
I was born in 1981 in Romania and spent the first 27 years of my life there, growing up in a beautiful village in Transylvania. No, Dracula is not my uncle.

In 2008 I left Romania facing new challenges in my career as an engineer. I started discovering almost everything I know about myself and about the world we live in today.

In 2015, I was free falling towards the net of the food and pharma industries, being overweight, hypertensive, high cholesterol, and my liver was yelling at me that what I was doing was wrong.

So I guess the Universe (call that God, or Life, whatever suits you best) had a meeting with the executives and there was the question: what shall we do with the guy? He is literally killing himself! So there was my angel (call it Superconscious, etc.) and proposed: “make him a father!”

So God asked around in the “pool” of children – to be: who’s up for being the child of this troubled soul? And there she was…

…in 2016 I received the blessing of becoming a father! And that was by far the best experience of my life! Holding my daughter in my arms for the first time was a moment for my beloved wife and me that we’ll never forget! That was the moment that shifted our whole world, the perfect tiny soul who rocked us entirely and invited us in the kindest way possible to question ourselves: how can we be the best versions of ourselves, so the examples and the invitations she sees are  best we could possibly achieve?

One of the answers is WILDFIT®. WILDFIT® changed my whole perception about healthy nourishment to such a degree, that I decided to become a certified WILDFIT® coach.

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: January 10, 2022
Class 2: February 7, 2022
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"Everything in moderation includes your health!" Eric Edmeades

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