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I have always struggled with my body.  See…since I was a child, I had small legs, a small butt and a very big stomach.  Going to buy clothes was so painful.  The pants that fit me at the hips gave me huge muffin tops, if I was even lucky enough to be able to button them up.  The pants that fit me at the stomach were so baggy around my hips and legs that I looked like I was wearing my father’s pants.  I thought I was just born that way.

When I was growing up, my parents fed me the best way they knew how.  Rice was a staple in my house (I know, it’s shocking). My parents became convinced that Spam was good for us and that Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup was an important start to the day, especially during the cold winter mornings in Canada.

It was only when I got pregnant in my thirties that I realized that whatever I ate was going to make its way through my umbilical cord to my unborn baby.  This is when I started paying attention to what I ate.  The nurse gave me Canada’s food guide for pregnant women and I followed it religiously – I drank 3 glasses of milk per day, I ate cheese, yogurt, cereal, pasta, bread, meat, fish, etc.  I was quite proud of myself.  But little did I know the guide was funded by the food industry.

One day, several years later, I attended a cooking class given by a woman who was vegan.  She started making claims about milk and dairy, meats, oils, etc.  I was incensed because she was basically dissing everything I ate, but when I got home and did some research, I realized that there were so many studies that backed up her claims.  So from one day to the next, we went from a meat and dairy eating household to a basically vegan household.  Goodbye Costco-sized blocks of cheese.  My 4 and 8 year old daughters cried but my husband, who is from France, cried even harder.

It was soon after that I began to jog quite a bit to control the size of my belly.  The half marathons eventually turned to half-Ironmans.  I followed the fueling recommendations of a vegan triathlete.  I “thought” my diet was immaculate.  I got really fit and my belly got smaller.  I trained really hard, but I had a difficult time building muscle.  I was often injured. I would be exhausted from training and recovery took quite a long time.  I thought I was just born that way.

Several years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was shocked.  I thought my diet was perfect, I exercised, I didn’t smoke, I only drank occasionally… so how could I possibly get cancer?  Well, the only thing I could point to was the low-lying anxiety that I lived with for as long as I can remember.  So I started to explore how to get to the root of my issues.  At the same time, I figured that if food was not the answer to health, I could be more liberal and enjoy just a few french fries, and some chocolate cake, and some croissants, …

It was during COVID that my weight started going out of control.  I would just look at food and feel my belly getting bigger.  I tried all the weight loss techniques that I knew but nothing worked.  One day as I was about to do yoga online, I stumbled across a WILDFIT.  When I heard that people not only got amazing results from the program but then willingly and joyfully chose the lifestyle long after the 90 Day Challenged ended, I knew I needed to do it. 

The first week, I knew this was unlike any program I had done before.  By the second week, I called up my sister and told her she had to do it.  She was hesitant because she thought it would mean more exercise or more starvation, but I assured her that was not the case!

As the program went on, I noticed my stomach was shrinking, my energy increasing, my sleep quality improving, my moods getting better, my joint pains disappearing, my skin becoming softer and my hair getting silkier.  On top of that, so many people in the FB group were reporting significant health improvements.  That’s when I really understood that WILDFIT is not a program for weight loss only.  WILDFIT is a program for optimal health.  Here I was, thinking I was going to lose a few pounds, but what I found was how I was going to stay healthy and significantly lower the recurrence of cancer for the rest of my life!  From that point on, I knew I had to understand WILDFIT inside and out. 

I now know why I have had a big belly most of my life.

I now know that I have been bloated for most of my life. 

I now know that I suffered from a significant amount of inflammation in my body. 

I now know how I feel when I eat foods that my body needs. 

I now know how I feel when I eat foods that my body has to clear out. 

I now know what it feels like to have a high level of energy throughout the day. 

I now know how to keep my immune system strong.

I now know that my fate is not to die with breast cancer and a big belly.


To me, WILDFIT is more than a health transformation.  WILDFIT not only changed what I eat, but also how I feel, how I process and how I move through life.  I am excited to step into the next phase of my life and discover all the possibilities that I previously thought were no longer accessible to me!

I became a coach to support people in discovering how they can build a strong health foundation from which they can live their best lives.  If this speaks to you, I would be pleased to discuss how I can support you through your journey!

To living your best life in health and joy,

Grace Yang, Senior WILDFIT Coach

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