Glory JaneVelasco

Certified WILDFIT Coach
Languages I Speak: Cebuano, English, Tagalog

About Glory Jane

Mabuhay! My name is Glory Jane Velasco from the Philippines.

I have a crystal-clear Mission to build healthy communities, most specifically, to empower working moms regain good health, transform their body weight and shape, have more energy and vitality to match the demands of their toddlers and to serve as good role model to their children to form healthy habits.

I have equal drive to empower female professionals between to achieve more productivity at work and business – to be able to move and think with clarity and have higher work productivity. 

I want working moms and female professionals to feel good in both mind and body in the same way that I have experienced thru WildFit. Before WildFit, I was a very uncertain person who suffered from inconsistent energy levels, cystic acne, chronic sinusitis, chronic fatigue, low quality sleep, weak teeth & gums, falling hair; low focus, weakening memory, having brain fog, weight gain and lost on what to eat and what to do. After WildFit Program, I transformed into a person who is now more certain; who has reversed those undesirable conditions, released 10 kg of excess weight, have more productivity than ever and enjoying a higher quality of life!

And I love that you also have this amazing health transformation. I am excited to work with you and empower you to achieve your health goals thru WildFit. Cheers!

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: June 27, 2022
Class 2: August 1, 2022

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"Every change is hard at first, messy at the middle and so beautiful at the end." - Robin Sharma

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