Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: United States
Languages I Speak: English

About Gina


·         55 years young

·         A Grandmother to 4 beautiful little girls

·         Personally changed by WildFit & Food Freedom

·         Still releasing weight & working towards my goal

·         Heart-centered person

·         Reiki Master & Intuitive

·         A good cook using delicious, nutritious foods

·         Encouraging, Real, Vulnerable, and to the point!

·         Very new at social media



·         Connect at a deep level with people that I’m here to help!

·         Help people figure out how to make dietary changes, become empowered to change their way of eating, and improve their health

·         Share my own personal experiences and have fun sharing client victories as we’re Living Healthy together!

·         Work with meditation, EFT, Crystals and other healing modalities to heal myself, and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned.

·         Grow herbs, lemons and lettuces to eat

My favorite quote has inspired my own personal & spiritual growth these last few years… I believe when I follow intuitive nudges, and when I take steps towards what lights up my heart- I’ll find happiness…

Fun Fact:  At 18 years old, I sold my car for $500 and got a 1 way ticket from Michigan to Florida – I met my husband, and we raised our family here.

Coaching is something I’ve done my whole life, now I’m excited to share WildFit with you! Email me to set up a time to talk :)

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: January 4, 2021

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‘Respond to every call that excites your spirit’…Rumi.

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