Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: Hungary
Languages I Speak: English, Hungarian

About Gabor

– If people take care of their financial security in retirement, why don’t they do the same with their health? –

As a child, I struggled a lot with my weight. I was teased a lot at school, it wasn’t an easy time, but that wasn’t the worst part. My dad once took me to a doctor who told me I was going to die if I didn’t change this. Then they put me on a serious diet, with which I managed to lose weight, but it didn’t last long :( From then on, my weight went up and down constantly. But since it was ingrained in me as a child that I didn’t want to be an unhealthy, fat person, I tried almost all the existing diets. They were better than better… for a while… but what I lost before, always came back in the end. And then I could have been happy, if not even more :( I was distraught and at a loss. And as a last result I found Wildfit. and it works! The secret is that it is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle! What we really need to live a happy, balanced life in freedom. I know, changing your lifestyle is very common these days, many people use it for many things. The proof that it really was for me was that I finished my 7th marathon (42.2 km, 26.2 miles) and my shape and weight have never been more ideal. I regret finding this program at 51 years old. At first, my friends  asked what I was doing, because I had completely changed. At first I told them about it and I noticed that after a couple of my advices, they all started to follow them. Somehow everyone listened to me. That’s when I decided I want to do this and enrolled the Wildfit coaching course. There is little greater happiness than helping someone make their life better. It’s an amazing feeling. ACTUALLY I have completed many courses in fitness and personal training to keep my body healthy and develop it consciously in addition to running, but I have always been very interested in nutrition, because it amazes me how perfectly our body works. Of course, the more I learned, the more terrifying it was to experience that our organ has so much to compensate for. This is why I believe in the Wildfit program, because in addition to having tried many diets and examining their effects, I had to realize that they are either unhealthy and/or short-term. It restores the natural lifestyle that our body requires, thus we can live our lives healthily, not just temporarily.

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: May 6, 2024
Class 2: June 6, 2024

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“When we are young, we tend to sacrifice our entire health on the altar of material wealth; by the time we're old, we'd be willing to give away our entire fortune in exchange for a single healthy day."

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