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Fitness has always been the way to go for me!  I remember my first fitness job.  I was a Jack Lalanne Instructor.  I wore a size 5 orange ribbed jacket.  There I ws a fitness Instructor for a famous gym.  I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisisna.  I favored cooking as a child, constructing ways to put a meal together play style.  I won a blue ribbon for bking in the 4th grade. I have Nutrition and Work Out built in me since childhood.  Growing up first on a farm and then in Baton Rouge Louiiana taught me all about cooking.  I majored in Dance Kinesiology at Loyola Marymount University and earned two Masters: Special Education and Education Administration with emphasis on Educational Therapy.  I have been a special educator working with children with disabilities for 20+ years.  I envisioned working with adults helping them to focus on changing their perception of themselves through changing their relationship to food. After retiring from teaching middle and HS in June 2020, I found WILDFIT.  After taking WILDFIT 3 times I wanted more.  I have always viewed my body as an instrument to fine tune.  WILDFIT taught me that it was my food choices that determined the outcome!  I became intrigued by the power of choice! Food freedom changed my life. I joined the WILDFIT Certification Program in January 2021 and started my journey as a WILDFIT Coach in Training.  On June 9, 2021. I graduated and became certified on July 9, 2021.  Originally, from New Orleans, my birth city I grew up in the Capital of Louisiana. I lived most of my young life in Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Baton Rouge when I was seven.  My father and my brother both had seafood restaurants, it was like herediitary that I was a chef in my own right.  I love to cook and drink tons of water. This is the best program ever created for permanent change in your relationship to food. There’s no falling off the wagon or the diet with WILDFIT.  You might simply experiment with a food choice, after which you discover another part of what I call “your food puzzle.” Automatically you want to continue your WfF90 journey through to a true, permenent  transformation in your relationship to food, straight through to food freedom. I truly have food freedom and my perception through my psychological transformation continues to work to this day.  I believe in giving people a hand-up! Life is how you perceive it! Let’s have fun and enjoy the journey! I work extensively with the Hue-man’s food choices as well as all mankind!

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Class 1: May 16, 2022
Class 2: May 30, 2022
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"Food is Nutrition" & "Time is the true currency" & Instead of Never Forget; Always Remember!

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