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WILDFIT COACH  Profile created 9.16. 2021   I majored in Dance Kinesiology at Loyola Marymount University. I have 2 Masters: Special Education and Education Administration with emphasis on Educational Therapy.  I have been a special educator working with children with disabilities for 20+ years.  I love working with adults to help focus them on changing their perceptions of their bodies through changing their relationship with food. Upon retirement from teaching middle school and HS, I found WILDFIT.  After taking WILDFIT 3 times I wanted more.  I joined the Certification Program in January 2021 and started my journey as a WILDFIT Coach in Training.  On June 9, 2021. I graduated and became certified on June 9, 2021.  Originally from New Orleans, is my birth city.  I lived most of my young life in Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Baton Rouge when I was seven.  I love to cook and drink tons of water. This is the best program ever created for permanent change to your relationship to food. There’s no falling off the diet with WILDFIT.  You may simply experiment with a food choice, then continue your WILDFIT journey to having a true transformation with your relationship to food, straight through to food freedom. I truly have food freedom and my perception through my psychological transformation continues to work to this day.  I believe in giving people a hand-up! Life is how you perceive it! Let’s have fun and enjoy the journey! I work extensively with the Hue-man’s food choices as well as all mankind! I work well with the Spanish language too!

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Class 1: October 18, 2021
Class 2: November 1, 2021
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"Food is Medicine" & "Time is the true currency"

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