Evgeniya (Evie) Djuranovic

Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: United States
Languages I Speak: English, Russian

About Evgeniya (Evie)

I never struggled with weight. In fact, I was so skinny that people would tell me: 

“You are so lucky you don’t have to exercise or watch what you eat”

 I was always around 110 pounds, never worked out, and truly ate anything and everything, but mostly sweets. 

Fast forward to 2020, I found a lump that had to be checked out. I remember coming into the doctor’s office, while the nurse was taking my measurements, the scale showed 145 pounds. I could not believe it! I had to step on the scale at home, just to double check. Luckily lump wasn’t anything I needed to worry about. However, that visit changed my life forever. 

I finally looked in the mirror and took pictures of myself. Realized that I was in the background for the last few years and completely forgot how to take care of myself. And I was completely lost and so confused, not knowing what to do or where to start.

Off I went on a regular train of trying everything and anything that internet told me to do:

 – detox programs

 – meal replacement programs

 – meal plans created by nutritionists

 – working out every single day for 30 min a day with a personal trainer

And I barely scratched the service, with only 7 pounds down I was nowhere near my ideal weight goal. 

That is where I learned about WildFit and decided to give it a shot. 

These 90 days changed my life forever. I have got so much more than just 35 pounds released, along with better and deeper sleep, so much more energy and most importantly leading by example for my husband and my whole family to join the ride of wellness journey. 

The decision to become a coach was the most rewarding and pivoting moment in my life. Hearing “Thank you ” from my clients and how WildFit changed their life makes my day every time. 

Now, my mission is to help my clients reset their relationship with food and reach their health goals, while feeling good, gain energy and find balance. 

Being myself a recovering “sugar addict” I help my clients understand and bring clarity about food freedom and food psychology. 

It’s fascinating to know what nurturing the body really means. And honestly, it is not always just about food, that is why I believe having a coach guiding you through your own food freedom journey every step of the way is very important to your long term success.

I coach small groups to ensure my full attention while guiding you through your own journey and I enjoy it very much.

I am very positive and encouraging, I laugh a lot, as I believe that is a medicine no one talks about.

 I absolutely love helping others find their own food freedom and enjoy the quality of life to the fullest.


Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: September 12, 2022
Class 2: January 23, 2023
Worldwide Small Group Coaching and 1 - on - 1 Coaching Available

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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I'm possible!' -Audrey Hepburn

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