Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: Australia
Languages I Speak: English, Swahili

About Doreen

Inspiring people to unfold into their authentic selves and expand to become the best they can be, brings me immense joy and satisfaction.

To be honest, I never really liked diets. I didn’t believe I would stick to them as I didn’t like feeling restricted. I attempted two or three in my past, each lasting a week at most.

Being a single woman for more than 10 years, all I ever focused on was taking care of my son. I felt like I was operating with all my energy and resources directed at him, because by the end of the day I hardly had any energy left for myself.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the expectations life has placed on you? That was me: keeping a full-time job in financial services, while trying to be a single mum of a teenager who plays rep basketball and needs lifts to training and games.

I didn’t recognise myself as a woman anymore. I felt like one of those bad case studies we read about, someone just existing rather than living.

My whole world turned upside down when I woke up one morning with half of my face paralysed.

The Diagnosis? I had Bell’s Palsy. I had never heard of it. More significantly, there was no definitive medical explanation as to its cause. I can testify that stress plays a big part of it.

For more than two months I had to deal with half of my face paralysed, seeing no improvement despite the steroids and antibiotics that were prescribed to me. I felt sad and sorry for myself. All I wanted was to smile again, but the condition had left half of my face paralysed, swollen and disfigured and it completely crushed my confidence.

During my relentless online research for solutions to my devastating problem, one of my rabbit-holes led me to WILDFIT. To be honest, I didn’t believe anything could help me, beyond a miracle. But part of me wanted to believe that I had some control over my health and recovery.

Going through WILDFIT made me realise that the mood swings, inflammation, low energy, lack of focus and constant illness was not normal, but due to the fact that I never really knew how to nourish my body.

I never believed that WILDFIT would help me recover from my condition, until it started doing just that.

Within six weeks, the tightness from the paralysis eased with most of the symptoms disappearing. My energy levels gradually improved, as did my self-esteem and self-love. I seemed to have a new lease on life, almost like an internal switch had been turned on, because I felt for the first time that I knew how to take care of myself. I also released 26 pounds (12 Kg), something that was never my goal but a great result nonetheless as I now weigh the same as I did 20 years ago!!

You can read my full story here

Most people wait until there is a massive event, or health scare in their life before they start taking their health seriously. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Being a Certified WILDFIT coach has enabled me to mentor both men and women globally from all walks of life, ranging from 40-65 years old, who feel like they need to fall in love with themselves again.

Here are some of the testimonials I have received:

  • “My blood pressure had been difficult to control using medication, but I was able to control it during the program. Doreen was very knowledgeable during the program and supported me.” Dr jane- Australia.


  • I’m glad I accepted this opportunity, and very happy with the outcome/progress. I have gained more knowledge towards my body, food and health in 3 months than in a lifetime, and more than that I have made several actual health gains..” Moe , Sydney Australia.


  • “I will forever be grateful to you Doreen and Eric. I joined the program the week I was to start treatment for growth in the thorax. I did not have any pain or vomiting or lack of appetite, these were the questions nurses asked me every time I had an appointment. My sleep improved, I woke up energetic in the morning. Clothes fit me better and the compliments boosted my motivation.” Jackie- Ontario Canada.


  • “Wow! What an amazing experience, I have participated in a few weight loss diets like Forever Living, Tianashi, Herbalife. But none was as intentional as WILDFIT.  My coach – you are top notch”. Miriam – Wichita USA

My mission is to help as many people realise their self-worth and that they are worthy of self-love. I honestly believe that our authentic selves will always emerge when we learn how to properly nourish ourselves.

If my story resonates with you, and you’d like to learn more about WILDFIT, please reach out. It’s easy to book a time for us to chat, by booking a Discovery call  here.

Fun Facts about me:

I lived in Cyprus for 8 years and I speak and understand a little Greek.

I learnt German while in High School so I can speak and understand a little as well.

I used to be a model in my teens and participated in the Miss Kenya pageant.

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I am excited to meet you.

Love and Light.

Dee. Xx 🦋

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Class 1: August 28, 2023
Class 2: September 25, 2023
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“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”- Brené Brown.

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