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Languages I Speak: English, Swahili

About Doreen

On the 16th May 2020 I woke up to half of my right face paralyzed or at least in the process of being completely paralyzed because by the third day I could not blink my eye, I had lost taste for food so most of my food tasted bland, I had to drink fluids through a straw and eating was very difficult so I stuck to liquid foods most of the time because chewing from one side of the mouth for long periods does take its toll on the jaws. My ears were ringing half of the time and hurt like crazy followed by bad headaches which made me numb. Loud noise just made me feel like screaming so i was indoors most of the time, my eyes became super sensitive I stopped driving for months because I didn’t trust I was safe for anyone including myself. I lost my smile, literally, I had half a smile and there was nothing i could do about it.
I had “Bells Palsy”.. I had never heard of it, and most importantly didn’t understand why I had it, maybe I did, but more on that later..

The Doctor at the time said it could be permanent, prescribed some steroids and antibiotics and as you might have guessed i never went back to him again- I didn’t need that kind of negativity in my life😤 . The worst thing is that Modern Medicine has no clear explanation as to what the causes are and google just comes up with speculations cuz I can tell you the prescribed medicine didn’t help. By July I assumed the doctor might be right as I was still not healing at the pace I wanted. You see some people heal in weeks, months, and some never recover at all, I didn’t want to wait to find out which group I fell under.

I may never be able to explain how I came about “Wildfit” but i went through a 90 day Quest that revolutionized the way i felt about food, my body and just why I did things the way I did. For the first time I was conscious of how my body “spoke” or communicated to me and just how the healing process began once you truly understand your body. The program literally saved my life. I went in with the main purpose of healing my condition As it didn’t seem to want to leave my body, but instead I gained so much more than I could have imagined and some control over my life. I honestly feel like I have a new lease on life. Below are some of the greatest wins I experienced:

✨ Within a few Weeks I could feel the difference on my face and finally start tasting food. The only healing I have left now is eyes as i slowly allow it to get used to Fluorescent light but I’m not going to rush it. I’ve become so much kinder to myself. There’s still a bit of stiffness sometimes on my right side but you could never tell and it sometimes comes about when I talk for long periods of time.

✨I used to have very bad stomach pain whenever I ate certain foods but could never put my finger on which foods but I have gotten to enjoy eating food without being worried about stomach pain as I experiment with how different foods makes me feel.

✨ My sleeping was always a problem, I always woke up in the morning feeling exhausted like I haven slept at all, and used to have problems falling asleep and now I seem to only need about 6 hours of sleep and be quiet energetic throughout the day.

✨ I could never go for a long walks without breaking into some sort of itching dance because my whole body was sore and burning up 🤦🏽‍♀️. The only way to deal with this was by taking inflammation tablets like Zyrtec to be able to do long walks. now I can walk for 2 hours straight and have enough energy to walk longer without any itching (Kipchoge Watch out 😁. I am Kenyan after all so i guess marathons might just be a norm for me soon 😎

✨ I used to have back pain which I believe was at some point of my son’s toddler years when I was carrying him while travelling , I did something to my disc on my lower back, but the pain seems to have eased immensely.

✨ I used to spend a lot of money on face products, to be honest all it does is just cover whatever blemish the body wants out of the body, now I just follow a simple regime and buy natural products which are cheaper than the products I used to buy, and most days feel comfortable going without makeup. If I have a break out, I can usually point to the culprit and know what to do to fix it.

✨I never really used to go out because I just never felt that I had the energy or motivation and having an active 15 year old, I branded myself a Hermit. I took care of his needs but was too tired by the end of the day to focus on mine. Now because of increasing energy levels, I seem to have a zest for life, I feel like I want to enjoy my life more. I think there is something about having a healthier body that just makes you feel happy. My self image as well as mental health has definitely improved

✨ Some ladies will relate to this but the time of the month was especially horrible for me. the pain sometimes kept me in bed all day, the discomfort during the whole process just made me hate that part of being a Woman sometimes 😒. But I can tell you that its become more manageable and more pain free I sometimes I forget I have them because I cant “Feel ” it and less pain if any. That was a big win once I became aware. In other words I can still go about my business most days and know when to rest my body.
✨Losing weight was never really a goal for me although there were a few places I didn’t mind releasing some stubborn fat, but I have since lost 12 kilos throughout this whole process and I’m now the same weight I was when I was 20 years old!! this is 20 years ago

The wins and transformations I experienced were so many I felt almost selfish not being able to properly share this with everyone i knew. You see, people would see my weight loss and wanted to know more but there was so much more than weight loss, I can tell you when you do what’s right by your body, when you truly learn how, the body will feel comfortable releasing that Weight but I knew just telling them what I did was not going to do them any favors because I had to change my psychology around food and truly know how to listen to my body. Just remember, I haven’t stopped eating what i enjoy eating, i just do it in a more conscious way than I did before.

Becoming a Wildfit Coach, has been the greatest experience of my life. I have now helped transform people from different continents around the world, including Australia, Canada, America and  my home country Kenya and will be looking to expand to more countries with time.
If you’ve ever done a diet, or tried to follow a health program or just tried to understand your body and somehow felt that you “failed ” that program, I can tell you that none of it was your fault, the diets or the programs FAILED you because they didn’t first help you to understand the Why, What, When and how. A lot of programs are designed in such a way that make you fail before you even begin. As we continue to deal with the pandemic, I’m sure you can agree that it is more important than ever to take our health seriously. I am excited for the journey and the people I will be able to assist along the way. I am passionate about helping change peoples lives and i hope you can join me in this beautiful journey of health and self discovery.
I honestly believe that being in good health or learning more about ourselves and our bodies is one of the highest form of self love, and I can honestly say I continue to love Myself every day.

Love and Light. 😘
Dee. Xx 🦋

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“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”- Brené Brown.

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