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My years of public school teaching, earning degrees in education and music performance, blessings of years of marriage raising our two grown children, and now a well-trained flight attendant world traveler with airlines could not have prepared me for what I faced in 2020.

“And there I was: stuck in a sealed container with an unknown silent enemy and no answers.”

This dilemma of 2020 led me to a monumental pivotal transformation of my life!  As a full-time flight attendant in a valued position when the Covid pandemic hit, I was considered an essential worker.   Though my age could have been considered high risk,  I was required to stay serving through this unknown worldwide fear.  My ongoing inflammation, arthritis, and menopausal symptoms had me stressed already.

My parents had passed years earlier from their chronic health problems of heart disease and complications due to years of medical injections for rheumatoid arthritis.  Were my husband (years senior to me), and I doomed to the same painful existence?  Would my two grown children and their families, including 4 little grandchildren, even allow me to be in their lives with my public involvement risk through this pandemic?  The anxiety of the future grew within me and I needed to find the answers.

In a miraculous blessing, I came across a master class describing WILDFIT’s 90 day program and how it was changing the health trajectory of its participants. I immediately began this program and found a life-changing transformation for me!  Not only did I gain more energy becoming more vibrant than ever, but inflammation and pain and even allergy symptoms were gone! In addition, menopausal symptoms such as night sweats had vanished AND the extra inches of fat that had accumulated around my waist in the last years were melted away!  I looked and felt younger, my skin glowed, and my inner confidence grew!  My husband saw my success and asked me to coach him through the 90 Day program as he released 25 pounds of belly fat and felt younger than he had in years!  Our health had resiliency and our immunity was strengthened to combat the silent Covid enemy.

Feeling a new passion for my life, I knew I had a calling to serve other people to have this same health and vitality!  I studied and became a certified WILDFIT coach, inspired with a mission to make a difference in the health of as many other people’s lives as possible!

Loving delicious good food, a joy for easy cooking, and being fit inspired other friends as clients to release their excess weight and build healthy immunity.  I offered simple lifelong solutions to establishing a healthy relationship with food, their body and themselves! Cheering each participant on and clarifying, simplifying, and holding caring space, they gained personal insight and freedom; No longer confused with dieting and all the mixed messages the food industry markets!

Today I engage my clients in an enlightened, fun, leading edge coaching experience in a format that features grounded, practical steps that bring a client to transformation of their mindset, their spirit, and physical well-being around food in 90 days.  Clients have phenomenal results and come away with tools and clarity to sustain their health transformation.  Not only this, but they improve other areas in their lives as well!  

Client comments: “I loved being part of Diane’s positive fun energy and have never been happier with results and my new life!”  “Diane understood my challenges and patiently shared spot-on ways to keep me moving forward!” “I felt seen, understood and deeply valued through Diane’s kindness and positive approach!  This has been life-changing for me!”

If you feel you’ve lost that zest for life, I want to help you find it again! Food Freedom is a Wonderful Feeling!

Contact me at flyingsuccesses.com (or dianescheerer1@gmail.com) to chat about my next upcoming challenge. I look forward to seeing your amazing transformation in just 90 days as well!   To Your Best Health, Diane

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: January 30, 2023
Class 2: May 22, 2023
Contact me as well for 1-on-1 coaching! I would love to work with you right where you are!

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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world!" Gandhi

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