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Hi, I’m Debbie. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my coaching profile. My mission is to support you in creating a healthier, happier, more harmonious life for you, your family, and your pets. Transforming your relationship with food. 

If you have ever flown on a plane, you know they tell you that in case of an emergency always put on your oxygen mask before helping others. If you’re passed out, you can’t help anybody. It’s the same with your health in everyday life. You have to take control of your health the best you can so that you can be there for your family and your pets. Your pets may be your family and they need you healthy.

This isn’t always easy. That’s where I come in. I will coach and guide you through the WILDFIT® 90 Challenge, being your cheerleader to better health.

I began my WILDFIT® journey in early 2022. My father had recently passed away. I had watched his health decline in recent years to the point where he was on dialysis, had heart issues, and was on multiple medications. I will never forget sitting with him during one of his hospital visits when the Dr. told him that his heart had deteriorated and there wasn’t much more they could do to better his condition. My dad said, ‘I didn’t know it was that bad”. It broke my heart to hear that. After several months in a nursing home, he passed away. 

His health conditions were a great big wake up call for me. You see, I believed that many of his conditions could have been avoided or made better by lifestyle changes. Although I have always thought about, read a lot about, and tried a lot of health and diet changes for myself, nothing had really stuck long term. 

I was 57, at least, 40 pounds overweight; depressed (on anti-depressants for over 20 years); always tired; had periods of uncontrolled eating; and had chronic migraines. I felt unhappy and unhealthy and knew something had to change. I needed to take back control of my health.

Along came WILDFIT®. On March 14, 2022, 4 months after my dad had passed, my 90 day challenge began. From the beginning I felt that this program was something different. Starting off learning about food psychology was new to me. The program made sense to me, was easy to follow, and I looked forward to the videos and live coaching calls. Over the 90 days, I lost 23 pounds, was no longer binge eating, wasn’t tired all the time, and didn’t have daily headaches anymore. After the challenge, I stuck with the changes I had made. By the following summer I was no longer on antidepressant medication and I have kept the weight off. Who knew that my depression, stress, tiredness, and headaches were linked to what I was eating? I’ve learned so much!

My journey continued when I found out that they offered a coaching certification. Because the program worked so well for me and I believed it really was something different, not a fad, but a real human way of eating, I registered to begin the process to become a coach. In May of 2023 I officially graduated the program and am proud to say that I’m a Certified WILDFIT® Coach. 

That brings me back to you and my mission. To support you in creating a healthier, happier, more harmonious life for you, your family, and your pets; transforming your relationship with food.  In my family, my daughter is grown and doesn’t live with me but she does worry about me. She worries less when she sees that I am taking care of myself and can participate in activities, like hiking, that make me happy and keep me active. I don’t want her to worry that she will have to watch my health decline any time soon, or ever. Growing older doesn’t mean growing sicker. I bet that you have family or friends that would feel a lot better if you were in better health.

I also mentioned your pets. Pets are big in my life. If I’m not around or am in poor health who is going to take care of them? Also, our health and our pets health are somewhat linked together. If we are stressed out, depressed, and unhealthy, they will do what they can to make us feel better. This, over time, can result in health consequences for them. I have a story, for another time, about this and one of my dogs. That dog led me to my energy healing journey, certification for both pets and people, and ongoing training.

Along with being your guide and coach through the WILDFIT® 90 Challenge, I also offer you the option of adding in energy healing treatments. These treatments will help you to release old thought patterns, old tendencies, old stresses; things that we all tend to hold on to. This will further help to make these new changes stick; bringing about lasting change and more happiness. 

I offer packages that include trying WILDFIT® for two weeks; the 90 Day Challenge program with a little coaching; more coaching; group coaching; 1-on-1 private coaching; and packages that include energy healing treatments.

My past clients have had success in improved health; weight loss; improved self-esteem; reduction or no longer needing high blood pressure and diabetes medications; reduced inflammation and aches and pains; and more. 

If I sound like someone you’d like to have cheering you on through your health journey, please reach out to set up a time to talk. I look forward to talking with you!

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