Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: Canada
Languages I Speak: English

About David

David lives on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia and is on a mission to help people regain their health so that they can fully enjoy the lifestyle they dream of.

The weight struggle was a constant for most of his life, even from an early age, although very active in sports. Living the salesman lifestyle of fast foods, coffee and doughnuts had taken its toll. Having ballooned out to over 285lbs., getting out of breath simply tying his shoes and experiencing a few very scary dizzy spells he knew something had to change.

Some successes with a few fad diets would always lead back to regaining what was lost and then some. And so the yoyo effect was in place until he took the WildFit® 90 Day Challenge.

Life has not been the same since. Experiencing clearer skin, better sleep, more energy and endurance, and a whopping 75 lbs. release in less than 6 months will change a person. He has successfully and easily maintained the weight release since 2016 and is not looking back.

David has travelled to Africa and visited the Hadza Bushmen with Eric on a few occasions and has seen firsthand where the roots of real eating began – no powders, no pills, and no potions… just real food.

Using his experience in sales management and life coaching certifications, David, a Certified WildFit Coach® since May 2018, has a true passion to see others succeed and has helped over 1200 people to live a healthy and happy life. He can do the same for you! “Everyone needs to feel this way”!

He provides 1:1 private coaching, group coaching programs and a 6 week Back to Basics program (for graduates) Why not set up a no charge discovery call to see what could be right for you?  Book a time here!

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Contact me for 1-on-1 coaching or to set up a no charge discovery call. Let’s make a plan to get you stepping forward into better health.

"If you don’t take time for your wellness you will be forced to make time for your illness".

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