Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: Australia
Languages I Speak: English

About David

Hello there, I’m David Richardson, the founder of Be Vital Coaching.

I have spent much of my career in the corporate world of Retail Buying and Marketing via a number of industries, both in the UK, and Australia. There is 1 saddening (yet unfortunately common) thing I have seen in the workplace and that is unhappy employees, talents trapped by organizational stagnation and a lack of will and energy to do something about it. I know what being deeply unhappy in the workplace feels like. It’s depressingly horrible!

In 2018, with personal ambitions bubbling away inside, I stumbled across WILDFIT. My initial objective was simply to learn something new about a subject I do every day – eat food. The results of my WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge were phenomenal. With changes to diet it is easy to assume the main benefits were aesthetic. However, whist I did experience some weight loss and toning, the big win for me, by far, was my supercharged energy and clarity of thought. There will only ever be 24 hours in each day but with my renewed vitality I am now able to carve out many, many more of them for my own personal development which, in 2021, resulted in me quitting the day job to work full time on writing and coaching. 

I’m a busy father to three young children and thanks to WILDFIT, I am able to rise early and maintain high levels of energy and concentration throughout the day and evening. Personal goals have also suddenly become a lot more attainable. And fast. As the world-changing year of 2020 drew to a close, I fulfilled a long-held ambition of releasing the first of my own series of children’s books. Feeling happier and healthier than ever, I put my solid alignment with my purpose and passions solely down to my way of life, of which WILDFIT is at the heart. With so many personal benefits, I have decided that I want to spread the WILDFIT word by becoming one of their accredited coaches. And so Be Vital Coaching is born.


Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you become a healthier and happier person then arrange a free-of-charge call with me or contact me at david@bevital.com.au.

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