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Sit with me for a minute. Take a deep breath and let what you really need in a coach bubble up into your conscious mind. The coach you need doesn’t have to be me. I know it’s a weird thing to say in a place meant to promote myself but I want to make sure you get what you need in a coach. A coach that is a good match for you will get you the best results.

So the question for yourself now becomes: “Is Dan the best coach for me?” To help you answer that I have several questions for you:

1. Do you feel like there’s more to life than you’ve been led to believe?
2. Do people come to you for your “uncanny insights”?
3. Do you find yourself having solutions to situations without knowing why?
4. Do you ever find yourself compelled to reach out to someone because “you just know something is not right” with them?
5. Has the world ever seemed to go out of its way to make you miss an opportunity only to walk you right into a better one?

So why these questions? I ask them because my answers to all of them is “yes”. I have spent my entire life guided by higher powers and I know the toll it can have on a person who doesn’t have proper support. For me I developed a chronic illness and at my worst I was 80lbs or 36 kgs overweight. Food and alcohol were my “medicine” of choice for the hard times I had experienced. In my coaching practice WILDFIT® is the beginning of the support I provide to you. What WILDFIT® teaches you about eating ports over to spiritual practices with little to no modification. As your coach I can help you with both your WILDFIT® needs and your spiritual needs. There is a reason why “Eastern” spiritual practices involve a health and wellness component. “A healthy body is the ideal vessel for your essence.”

Knowing that spiritual development comes with its share of tribulations I would wager that you having found my profile is a sign that it is time to heal from those trials and move on to the next phase of your development. If what you’ve read peaks your curiosity contact me at dgrdcoaching@gmail.com and book an information session with me and we can discuss you beginning your WILDFIT® journey with me and moving on to the next phase of your spiritual development.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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"Help must be helpful." -Daniel Du Bois-

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