DanielDu Bois

Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: Canada
Languages I Speak: English, French

About Daniel

I’m here to create a better world one person at a time. Something tells me you’re next but you already know that because the minute you decided to make a change in your life you found yourself here! Congratulations on taking that first step! Now let me support you through the next.

I have worked with many people through the years to help them achieve their personal goals and one thing is clear to me; no matter the goal, nutrition always plays an important role. A healthy body is the foundation to setting yourself up for lasting success.

I have a genuine interest in helping people and have a true gift for being able to help them identify their own obstacles and roadblocks creating the best possible chance for success. If you are ready for real and lasting changes, contact me at dgrdcoaching@gmail to begin your journey by joining my next WildFit 90-Day challenge or for private coaching sessions. I am already expecting you!

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: June 20, 2022
Class 2: September 19, 2022
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