Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: United States
Languages I Speak: English

About Cyndi


My name is Cyndi Morgan, and I am so glad you’re here!

I found WILDFIT® in 2018 when I was 30 lbs overweight, chasing my 2-year old daughter, and becoming out of breath.  I knew something had to change, but I didn’t know what foods were good for me, and I didn’t like to workout, like running or lifting weights.  I was ready to do anything so I can see my daughters grow up and lead by example.  I saw the quality of life of my parents/in-laws/older friends go downhill, and I didn’t want to experience that nor have my children have to take care of me or worry about my healthcare bills.

WILDFIT® changed all of that for me.  I found that my food choices helped me to lose over 20 lbs and over 24 inches around my body.  It changed the way I felt about myself–for the better.  I was amazed by my results and knew that I can help so many others who are going through the same thing as me.  My goal is to spread the news about WILDFIT® with as many people as I can.  WILDFIT® really does work!

I am looking for committed individuals who are willing to learn as much as they can, play full out in order to see their amazing transformations, and most importantly, have fun with the entire process.  Are you ready?!!  I cannot wait to get you started!  I’ll be there cheering you on, encouraging you, and kindly guiding you each step of the way.

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Our next 90 Day Group Challenge starts August 9th. Come join the fun! I am partnering with WILDFIT® Coach Amanda Finnis, and we have set up an annual and semi-annual plans to help you reach your health goals and really live WILDFIT®. To find out more information, go to, and contact me for a discovery call.

WILDFIT® is best done with a group, for support and camaraderie--getting through the tough times and celebrating your wins. Just breathe and believe it will happen!

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