Crystal RaLaksmi-Ditton

Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: United States
Languages I Speak: English, Estonian, Norwegian

About Crystal Ra

A world citizen by nature, daughter of a sailor, who has traveled to 30 countries, lived in South Africa, Norway, Denmark, Mexico, Hawaii, San Diego and many other places and originally from Estonia has lived outside of her home country most of her adult life and takes every day as the most exciting adventure while embracing change.

She is a proud Estonian. Estonia is the country where Skype was developed, where second independence was achieved by the Singing Revolution and a country which is called now Innovation Paradise with the capital of Tallinn named to be the Unicorn Capital of Europe where companies like Mindvalley or even WILDFIT have quite a bit of business going on building new futures in addition to Wise (previous Transferwise) and many others.

In her 20’s someone told her if you would love to live a life of your dreams – start to do what you love.

She did not believe it and took the traditional route for many years till she started to pursue the adventures and listen to the calls of her spirit. It took a lot of trust and daring. 

It took her to Cape Town University where she did her exchange program and Oslo University where she got her Bachelors in Anthropology and later in Tromsø University where she got her Masters in Visual Anthropology which she graduated with 2 documentaries she made – one in Norway and one in South Africa.

She then took off to Mexico with one way ticket for a week and stayed for 4 years where after 14 years looking for her Mr Right she gave that up and 2 months later found her love of her life with whom she got married in Hawaii later and till today are still happily married co-creating in life and businesses together.

All her journeys brought her to healing modalities and life coaching which she has had  the honor  to practice for  20 + years internationally, with an extensive toolbox of “healing arts” like Angel Therapy, Tantra Body Therapies, Group Facilitation as an adventure retreat leader in Hawaii, Mexico,  Costa Rica, Estonia and Norway, to Auratransformation™, Mind,Body, Spirit pattern release techniques, her own created water therapy called Wantra, online classes on Abundance Accelerator from 8 – 12 months programs and her own Sacred Inner Family Archetypes coaching program (4 months) and she has lead online classes for the past 12 years.

But one piece was missing – the foundation to work with the body from inside out weaved together with behavioral psychology and nutritional anthropology. That is when WILDFIT came to her life.

She jumped on board with WILDFIT 90 days challenge in November 2020 and right after to another one with her husband. Her main why was to get her body back and get out of the serial dieting. She was pretty healthy already but health started to show some issues – weight one of them while diabetes almost knocking on the door as a sugar addict.

She let go 14 kilos/30 pounds first and in total 19 kilos (41 pounds together) by the end of the 2 challenges. It was clear to her that WILDFIT could fill in a missing piece in her coaching profile. Not only because of fast results, but also lasting results.

In April 2021 she jumped on this new journey as the coach in training with WILDFIT and finished her very first pilot group in October in 2021 with 100% success rate. Before one group was finished – the new clients were already lined up to jump on board and 2 groups got started right away again. 

After being a Life Coach for 20+ years – this is the very first time she also feels fully rewarded both with the satisfied testimonials coming back from happy clients, but also how different her clients look as well how their lives and lifestyles have changed and that she could contribute to this lasting change.

On top of that she herself has managed to keep following WILDFIT as a lifestyle for over a year and a half! That is such a huge milestone and first time in her life.

This is a true foundation from where the clients can deep dive to her other healing tools and offers which many so often do as they build up deep trust as she has the ability to hold space, guide and navigate through change in a soft but at the same time very steady.

She discovered that working with people with their bodies, food relationships and food communication as well body communication can detox the body on the cellular level, amp up the energies and frequencies as well change the biochemistry so much that it is hard to continue the old way. Deep body detox also collapses all client’s old mental and psychological patterns which do not serve them any more which have been awakened to the surface of their consciousness.

That helps to reset the whole body, mind and spirit so that a new life with new life quality and new body can start! She understands that she helps now people to set a true cornerstone to their completely new futures. Her extensive coaching practice adds a lot of experiences and ideas how to support her clients the best way.

The recent pilot group participants as well the latest groups said that they feel so lucky to have been in her groups as she approaches everything so holistically which also made it more fun and deeper. Her long coaching practice made them feel safe as she seemed so confident in what she shared. 

Guiding groups through the WILDFIT 90 days opportUnity program – is a true  and a wholesome & deeply nourishing journey offering full releasing and detoxifying, physically & emotionally – the “issues of our life’s from the tissues of our bodies”.

Definitely check out more info about her and if you resonate – take contact. If you like to jump on board with someone who can create adventure and change out of any situation – she is your guide.

She is so happy to help you navigate through the jungles of food cravings or patterns which have held you back and divorced you from you. She is here to help you to get your body back, become a best friend with your body and thereafter if you dare – even fall in love with it too!!!

With her on board in your change adventure you can be sure that this will most probably not be just “one program” experience – it often times turns into long term cooperation with other opportunities in the future. 

She lives in USA and travels to Europe during the summer time. She has 2 businesses – one in USA with her husband and one in Estonia. She runs most of her WILDFIT groups online and there is no limit who she can help – other than figuring out the time zones and schedules. She also loves to do 1-1 programs. She is working towards to start working with big organizations and corporations in the future. 

She usually does 2 groups in the beginning of the year (usually start dates in January and March) and one after the summer (start date in September). She does 1-1 sessions all year round.  

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 3: September 12th, 2022


Class 1: January 9th, 2023

Class 2: March 6th, 2023

Class 3: September 11th, 2023

She does her groups in English, Estonian and Norwegian.

Contact her for 1-on-1 coaching by emailing

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: September 12, 2022
Class 2: January 9, 2023

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself. Søren Kierkegaard

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