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Languages I Speak: English, Gujarati
United States

About Chetal

At my core, I am a teacher and life long student. In 2021, I heard of WILDFIT® from a few different sources and was curious. I was holding onto an extra 20lbs from a “surprise” baby at age 42 and figured I had nothing to lose by joining the 90 day challenge. I had no idea what I would gain however! Knowledge. So much of it! The biology course we should have all had in middle school (did you know your pancreas has two functions?). The foundations of nutrition and evolutionary history. The understanding of the type of hungers that drive us to eat. The opportunity to give my body a break from inflammatory foods. The growing mindfulness of what I choose to put in my body. The support of like minded folks who connect every week to share triumphs and struggles.

At the end of 90 days, I had not only released the extra weight, I also had more energy, my skin was clearer, a long time ache in my neck had disappeared and even my eyesight had improved! As much as these were amazing results, truthfully they paled in comparison to the knowledge I gained. The teacher in me knew I needed to share WILDFIT® with others and so I immediately became a certified coach. I have helped people achieve amazing health results such as: getting off blood pressure medication, reducing and eliminating diabetes medication, gaining energy after chemotherapy, reversing celiac disease, overcoming infertility and so much more. Most importantly, everyone has gained knowledge to change their relationship with food permanently.

So how about you? Are you someone who is curious? Likes to learn and apply what you have learned? Oh, and at the same time change your health trajectory for the better? If so, please get in touch with me!

I am super passionate with not only working 1-1 with new clients who want more individualized guidance, but also love helping WILDFIT® graduates who have lost their way to: reset with a special 9 day reset program, go through a 6 week “spring” again, and/or join a Living Wildfit membership where we set up a plan for your accountability and continued growth towards food freedom.

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: April 15, 2024
Class 2: May 6, 2024
Contact me for 1-1 coaching, 9 day resets, Living Wildfit membership, or any questions:

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"When you know better, you do better" - Maya Angelou

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