Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: Qatar
Languages I Speak: English, German, Polish

About Beata

I help ambitious high-performers to raise their game while maintaining their health and well-being.

A high-achiever myself, I paid the highest price for my success. I never took time for healthy meals and recovery. My body told me ‘enough’ with an autoimmune condition.

Sounds familiar?


Two years ago, I joined the WildFit Challenge to get my Hashimoto’s and multiple allergies under control. After a successful journey, I became a Certified WildFit Coach.
I saw what results could be achieved in 90 days, and I also saw how I could boost my performance by developing health-supporting habits.

Would you like to reach your high-performance level again, too?

My biggest wins:

  • I can eat all nuts and fruits with zero allergies,
  • my doctor reduced my thyroid medicine and supplements,
  • high energy, and
  • minus 9 kg.

My clients’ biggest wins:

  • pre-diabetes back to normal,
  • diabetes 2 – reduced,
  • Crohn’s disease – big improvement of the digestion process,
  • migraines and headaches, 
  • improved sleep, stress management and energy level throughout a day,
  • blood sugar and cholesterol back to normal,
  • anxiety under control,
  • many kilograms away,
  • no cravings,
  • high levels of energy.

My passions: peak performance and flow state, archery, painting, playing the cello, and continuous upgrading as a human being

You want to work with me if you are a high achiever already and somehow neglected your health, and it started to slow you down.

I will lead you back to your healthy habits, “old” performance level, and beyond.


At the moment I only work with clients 1:1. 

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" Vincent Van Gogh

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