Certified WILDFIT Coach
Location: India
Languages I Speak: English, Hindi

About Ankita

I an adventurer, trekker, and backpacker. I have been an outdoor person since my childhood. A network engineer turned outdoor experiential educator and now a conscious living strategist. Having worked in leadership development and personal growth for students, teachers, corporates, individuals and bringing a difference in their lives, I find myself passionate about transformational leadership and personal mastery. I have my podcast called ‘Creating Consciously’ that talks about the self-love practices that has helped me turned around my life.

From being athletic, and underweight till my college graduation; weight was never a problem resulting me to believe I can eat anything and everything since I had weight to gain. Everything just changed from there. I reached my ideal weight, felt strong, went on more treks and backpacking trips, did things I felt like doing and then gradually I started gaining weight. Body aches and pains followed by. I was driven by my passion however body was continuously giving the warning which I disregarded. I involved myself to do exercises, more physiotherapy sessions for my pains but everything was temporary, and I did not have any motivation to do it any further. My body was not supporting it. Anger came followed by frustration and somewhere hampered my confidence. Internet search was on that somewhere by some means I get my breakthrough.

Until I came across WILDFIT®, and things just changed from there. Not only my health but also my behavior, the way I was making any of my decision. I lost 16kgs, reached my ideal weight and still able to sustain it. My aches are gone, my energy tripled, and most importantly my childhood problem of extensive dry skin was no more there. The best part is I just got to know the source/root cause of all my problems and why it existed at the first place. Having suffered all my lifetime and visiting doctor upon doctor with medication and moisturizer, KNOWING THE WHY HAS BEEN BLESSING. I was so amazed by the knowledge, it’s impact and the awareness that it created in my life that I decided to certify as WILDFIT coach and help people like me.

Through WILDFIT® I have not only transformed myself and helped 10 other individuals change their habit and alter their relationship with food for life ‘including my family’. They have rid themselves of excess weight, blood pressure medication, memory loss, incontinence, hair loss, knee pain, boils, dry skin, period cramps and irregularities, hormonal imbalances which they had assumed will always be part of their lives. They have gained immense confidence and esteem and most importantly cherish the freedom from food and the way they make their decisions around food now. It was magical to see their progress every passing day.

YOU can be one of them. I help busy working professional double their energy and be extraordinary by turning their health around for good and have lifelong food freedom in true sense.

If health goals/health transformation has always been on your new year’s resolution, then this is the time to tick that off for life without using willpower.

Let’s connect and take it further.

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: November 28, 2022
Class 2: January 9, 2023


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