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My name is Angel.  I’ve lived in the midwest United States all my life.  I grew up in a lower-class family. We had a huge garden out back with our own compost pile. Unfortunately, I was a KID and thought that was a symbol of our struggling life. I idolized other kids who could buy packaged foods, like TWINKIES! We followed the standardized food pyramid, and I was also hyperactive (now I see one contributed to the other).  Placed into sports at a very young age we realized early on that I’m a natural!  I excelled at many sports and became an elite athlete, even spending one year on the US Jr National team.  

I felt my struggle and awareness of health start to suffer after college and that elite level of athleticism stopped.  I was still active (volleyball, softball) as it was something I loved; it was just a more normal level of activity. I was still following the food pyramid recommendations, but BOOM I started to gain weight. Why? Just fuel for my depression that was building. Then a kid or 2 comes along, and more weight.  Huh???    

I turned to the industries for help, cuz they got my back… diet, food, fitness, health, you name it, I tried it, yet I just kept getting bigger. Nothing was sustainable and I failed time and time again. Always being told it was my fault. I needed to eat less and exercise more. It felt lost and out of control! My depression deepened as the weight climbed! The gap between my external happy face (I call “fronting happy”) and my true withdrawing depression was widening.

I found myself about to turn 50, morbidly obese (even now I cringe writing that), weighing in at over 370 pounds, and a BMI over 50%.  The negative thoughts in my head were taking over.  I just had to lose weight to be happy!     
                            Weight = happy = healthy… right?  

I had 2 choices and I chose to stay on earth.  I chose the only tool left that I hadn’t tried and felt could help me.  Bariatric surgery.  Yes, I had a sleeve gastrectomy and 80% of my stomach was removed.  I did it’s purpose and I lost 185 pounds reaching my target weight within 18 months!  I lost 50% of my body weight (reached 185 lbs.).

Was I happy and healthy?  NO…  

It was still a constant struggle to maintain my weight and I still suffered with all my ailments including depression. I was battling to maintain my weight (even with the low volume I could consume).  Gain? I just couldn’t figure out why.  Scared and depressed I was going to spiral back to 370+ lbs. When this guy popped up on my newsfeed who started talking about FOOD FREEDOM and no longer needing to go on diets. My ears perked up as I had been on diets for 30+ years trying to figure this out. It was Eric speaking about WILDFIT!  

It was an investment. And the recurring thoughts of me failing another diet were strong! I had literally tried everything else, and it was either give up and risk returning to my morbid obese status, or invest in this new way of thinking and work on Food Freedom!  As you’ve guessed, I joined the 90 day challenge, which I completed in May of 2021.  I released over 20 pounds, am off all medications now – including my depression meds!  No longer have migraines, skin issues, joint pain…  But THE BIGGEST success for me is no longer having a “DIET” mindset!  Hallelujah! I am FREE!  I can’t tell you how it feels to no longer have guilt and shame related to food, or my decisions to eat.

I was so overly blown away at the transformation of my mind the first few weeks, let alone after the 90 short days.  Plus, the many other results I had. I felt called to pay it forward to help others become aware, and break free!  I need to help those finding themselves in what seems like a losing battle with their weight, creeping up to the obese, even morbidly obese status, like I did.  I have to help them see there are options outside of surgery they can evaluate.  Or if they already had the surgery and continue to struggle, like I did, I need to help them regain that control.  To let them know they have someone on their side who has experienced similar struggles and will be there every step of the way!  You see, THIS is my passion now!  To share WILDFIT and  its principles. To raising awareness about the “industries” deceptions and harm to our planet. To restore hope and confidence by creating individualized plans to be successful long term.  FREEDOM LIFESTYLE! 

So my high level missions…  Let’s take on obesity, and all the negative mindset it entails. Let’s break out of the matrix and take back control from the Industries and restore our soil to be fertile again. Let’s live our life to our fullest potential for US!  You are worth the investment!

I would love for you to join my team.  My next class is starting soon.  Come join us.  

Upcoming WILDFIT Classes

Class 1: May 23, 2022
Class 2: September 12, 2022
Visit my website at I offer multiple coaching programs, some including WILDFIT as well. Everything from self-study, group, to private exclusive 1:1 experiences.

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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas Edison

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