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Location: Australia
Languages I Speak: English

About Adaire

Hi there, I’m a 60-something Mother of 4 and Mumma of 6 beautiful Grandkids. I live on a houseboat at the front beach near Coochiemudlo Island, Queensland Australia.

I did the WILDFIT® 90 day challenge in August 2022.

After a lifetime of different diets and fluctuating weight, skin conditions and painful joints from inflammation, I was over the moon to finally let go of the fight with food, gaining complete food freedom, releasing over 19kgs, sleeping better, completely pain free and to find the Psoriasis flare ups have reduced to practically zero, I have clarity of thought, sleep better and more energy than your average 35 year old!

I used to think that I’d have to live with the extra kgs and joint pain, because that’s how we are taught to think from an early age.  How many times have you heard ‘it’s menopause, so I’m stuck with it’, or ‘I’ve resigned myself to not being as fit or slim as I was, I’m getting older and there’s not much I can do about it’.  This is NOT TRUE! I’m living proof that anything is possible with the right information and application of that information!

Living aboard a boat has it’s challenges, including getting water from the jetty daily, hefting heavy water and gas bottles and not losing balance when it’s windy. Jumping up and down on and off the jetty, dragging the carboat up the beach, and even reeling in the big ones off the back of the boat.

I love my life and part way through the challenge, I had an opportunity to become a WILDFIT®  Certified Coach. If you’ve ever had one of those moments when you know without a shadow of a doubt this is what you were meant to be doing, this was it for me!

I registered and began the training. I haven’t looked back. 

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) Master Practitioner, I weave this knowledge and skills into every coaching session and have seen amazing results from every participant.

My vision is that everyone I come into contact with has an opportunity to do the WILDFIT®  Program, or at the very least, find out more about it.

My wish is for all who participate, a long life, and to be healthy enough to enjoy it right to the end, fulfilling every wish in your bucket list! perhaps even spending all your kids’ inheritance as you do.

I look forward to talking with you! Let’s thrive and create a life worth living!

Oh and ps/ here’s my list of Things to do in mid-life that scare the beejeezuz out of you:

1. leave your husband of 20 years

2. move across the country

3. be homeless for a year (just for shits n giggles)

4. buy a houseboat so you’ll never be homeless again

5. rise up from the terror of having to learn a boatload of new stuff to successfully live off the grid

6. hope you inspire some other mid-life women to ride the waves as well

7. get good at tech and self-learning so you can earn your keep without relying on others

8. have a fabulous time (mostly) doing it!

Here’s what some clients have said about working with me.

Carol was 4 weeks into her 90 Day Challenge when she was inspired to send me this message: 

“Hi Adaire, I just want top express how grateful I am for you and the WILDFIT Challenge, I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge towards my lifestyle change for the better. 
Such a Blessing



Here’s what Rachel had to say about completing a challenge and working with me: 

This program changed everything and I’m about to start Wildfit for the second time!

This is NOT a diet and it will change the way you look at food forever!


Since first doing Wildfit I’ve maintained my 17kgs weight loss and I am still off all caffeine products including coffee (coming from someone who drank 5 – 10 cups a day this is remarkable). I now think about what goes into my body and have the choice to eat it or not. 

No more guilt or self loathing. This lifestyle is a way for you to be in control when or if you decide to eat something.  I can’t wait to take it further and do it all over again!

Adaire Palmer is an amazing coach and an even more amazing human being, which is the best combination to support us through our journey.  This i shonestly a game changer and believe me, I’ve done EVERYTHING out there!


Get ready to embrace a vibrant, pain-free, healthier future! 


Joanne had suffered from Psorisais for many years. Read how Wildfit helped her:

I’ve tried many diets and weight loss programs before, but nothing has been as effective and unique as the WILDFIT 90 Day Lifestyle Challenge. It not only helped me reach my desired weight, but also greatly improved my overall well-being. 

My main goal when starting the program was to see if it could help with my Psoriasis, which I’ve struggled with for almost 20 years.  I was amazed to find that I haven’t had any flare-ups for the longest time since I joined the program.  It truly improved my immune system, and I’m incredibly grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life. 

The most important thing I gained from the Wildfit program was the valuable learning process.  it taught me how to build a healthy relationship with food, which is important for enjoying a balanced and fulfilling life. 




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Class 2: April 29, 2024
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The Cave You Fear To Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek ~Joseph Campbell~

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