So you want to be a WILDFIT Coach?

You’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime! Being a WILDFIT Coach is sure to change your life just as much as you will be changing the lives of your clients!

What does it take?

So what all does it take?

We’ve laid out your certification journey below. Remember, the first certification module is the only portion that you must complete before you can begin holding classes of your own. If you already have a long list of clients ready to go, you may want to consider doing the Basic and Advanced Training back to back!

Level 1

Your certification journey

Coaching Certification Level 1

Step 1

Place your Deposit to save your seat in the next class

Step 2

Fill out the intake form for the certification

Step 3

Start your level 1 certification course

Step 4

Complete the live training section of the certification

Step 5

Complete the review section of the certification

This process typically takes 6 months to complete however, you can be making money as a coach in as little as 3 months!

Back to Spring™ Coaching

Your certification journey

Back to Spring™ Certification

Now that you’ve completed the WILDFIT90 proportion of the certification, you are now ready to add supplemental programs into your practice.

Complete the self-study and exam for the Back to Spring Certification.

Level 2

Your certification journey

Coaching Certification Level 2: Advanced Coach Training

Step 1
Schedule and attend an ACT training Session (currently only being offered 2x a year and in-person). Given the training and content that takes place, we have yet to figure out how to hybrid this training, so to ensure proper training, this course will only be offered live for the foreseeable future.

Beginning January 2025 - all coaches must have completed the ACT training to become a senior coaches. – Any coaches that have not completed this training by this date will need to submit an exemption form to maintain their senior coach status.
Step 2
Attend other coaching training programs:
  • Coaching Academy
  • Menopause Mastery Workshop
  • Seasonal Rotation Workshop
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