How to Get Your Clients To Win & Have Mind Blowing Breakthroughs
7 Keys to Building a Highly Profitable and Rewarding Coaching Practice (and how to get even the toughest clients their breakthroughs) with Eric Edmeades

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Did You Know...

The estimated global revenue from the coaching industry in 2019 was $2.8 billion.

Though face-to-face coaching took a sharp decline after COVID-19 (by 74%), online coaching has become wildly more popular as a result — increasing by 57%.

And lastly, according to a study from the International Society for Performance Improvement, coaching has a 221% ROI.

But in order to reap the rewards the coaching industry has to offer, you have to be willing to put the work in. The more you level up your skillset, the more successful you’ll be. There’s not a finish line when it comes to bettering yourself, and so your growth should never stop.

Committing yourself to becoming the best version of you prepares you to effectively coach others into becoming the best versions of themselves.

This Masterclass is for you if:

  • You’re ready to make an impact in the world of coaching and see your bank account steadily increase from it
  • You understand the need to continually improve your own skills in order to help support those around you
  • You have a desire to transform people’s lives so they can live a long, healthy, happy life
  • Your focus is on your clients and you want to be able to provide a world-class experience for them at every stage of the process
  • You thrive off of being of service to others and are always striving to level up your game

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What to Expect

In this powerful 60-minute Masterclass with WILDFIT founder Eric Edmeades you’ll discover:
  • How to grow a thriving coaching business, whether you’re just starting out or have been around for a while
  • How to become an even more effective coach, with even the toughest of clients
  • One of the most powerful marketing tools in the world
  • How to build your coaching business into a profitable one so you can live a better life and ultimately become a better coach
  • The number one way to create real momentum, accountability, and change for all of your clients (while making more money and saving more time)

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“The key to success is to start before you’re ready.”
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